The Revolution: How To Find A Budget Wedding Dress With Tim Gunn


Tim Gunn: Wedding Dress Search

Vivian Cheung is working hard to transform her life before her upcoming wedding to Matt. Tim Gunn promised he would help Vivian find a wedding dress, and he shared what happened when they went shopping together. Tim said he was struck by the love and passion between Vivian and Matt.

How To Find A Budget Wedding Dress

You don't have to spend a fortune to find a flattering, fashionable wedding dress using Tim Gunn's secrets.


The Revolution: Wedding Dress On A Budget

Tim said you can get creative when shopping for a wedding dress or evening wear, by checking at consignment shops and charity stores. You can even try rental companies or ask a department store about their more affordable product lines.

Average Wedding Dress Cost

Tim said the average wedding dress costs $1,200, but he thinks he and Vivian can find something perfect for $500 or less.

This is true for all aspects of your wedding. I had a college friend who spent $1,000 on the entire ceremony, and it was a lot of fun for everyone.


Vivian said she wants Matt to be stunned when he sees her in the dress on her big day. Joining them on the shopping trip were Vivian’s mother and two of her close friends.

How To Choose A Wedding Dress

Tim said the most important thing is how Vivian feels in the dress, because it is important for her to feel fabulous in addition to the dress looking great. He said touches like straps can be added or changed.

Vivian was excited to have Tim’s help and advice in choosing the right dress. He pointed out that the dress Vivian loved had lines that made her figure seem even slimmer than it is, which she loved.

Vivian Cheung’s Wedding Dress

The dress was less than $500 but didn’t compromise on style or fashion. Vivian’s mom and friends loved the dress too, and she was overcome with joyful tears at finding a dress that made her feel pretty.

“I fell in love with a gorgeous dress,” Vivian said, before inviting Tim Gunn to her wedding.

Wedding Dress Vs Tuxedo

Harley said that it looked like their shopping trip was fun. Tim said he was honored to be a part of this personal event. According to The Revolution, an average bride will try on 20 dresses before finding the right one for her.

Harley said he doesn’t think there is an emotional male equivalent of the wedding dress search. Tim pointed out that it makes it easy for guys, though there are many options when it comes to choosing your tux as well.


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