The Revolution: Weight Loss Wrap Tops & Sarah’s Cereal Addiction


Revolution Makeover: Sarah’s Five Month Journey

Last week, The Revolution followed The Harris Sisters’ Five-Month Lifestyle Transformation. This week, Sarah is The Revolution Hero of the week.

Sarah is a probation and parole officer. But she never lost the weight she gained during pregnancy, and now she’s struggling to manage her family and work responsibilities. She’ll be going through a five-month transformation this week on The Revolution.


The Revolution Cereal Addiction

Sarah is a working mom and wife who struggles with cereal addiction & obesity.

The Revolution: Sarah’s Story

Sarah said she has been a probation officer for 10 ½ years. She said she developed bad eating habits and let her weight get out of control. Now she’s on desk duty, which makes her sad.

Currently, Sarah wears a Men’s XXL size pants. She wants to get back in shape so she can get out from behind a desk and back into the field.


The Revolution: Cereal Addiction

Sarah said that for her, cereal is “like an open bar at an AA meeting.” I thought I loved cereal, but I do not leave empty bowls littered around my house.

Her husband Chuck said he finds evidence of Sarah’s cereal habit when he wakes up in the morning. He said he would like her to be healthier, but he’s afraid of pushing her, because it’s led to arguments in their relationship.

Sarah’s Revolution Weigh In

Sarah weighed in for the first time on her journey. Her weight is 247.2, and she wants to get under 200. She is embarrassed and unhappy about the shape her body is in. Sarah wants to set a better example for her young daughter, Charlotte.

Revolution TV: Sarah’s Me List

Sarah made a Me List of goals she wanted to accomplish during her five-month revolution journey. Her first priority is strengthening her bond with her family.

Sarah also wants to de-clutter her life and be able to get over the wall in a physical fitness test so she can get back to doing the job she loves.

Harley Pasternak: Sarah’s First Workout

Harley Pasternak invited Sarah to his gym for her first workout. He showed her how basketball drills can help her get cardiovascular exercise. He praised her “ability to function under pressure.”

Harley Pasternak said Sarah is still battling her cereal addiction. He suggested that if you have a problem food in your house that you can’t stop eating, throw it out so it won’t be in the house, tempting you.

Sarah’s One Month Weigh In

After one month of diet and exercise, Sarah said she has already noticed she is breathing easier. She joined The Revolution hosts in the studio to announce that she has lost 15 pounds and 6” from her waist in the first month.

The Revolution: Wrap Tops & Dresses For Weight Loss

Sarah said she doesn’t want to buy new clothes yet, because she intends to lose more weight. Tim Gunn recommended Wrap Tops & Wrap Dresses, because they’re customizable as your shape changes.

Dr. Jennifer Ashton: Children’s Obesity Risk

Sarah said weight issues and obesity run in her family, but she doesn’t want to pass bad habits to her daughter. Dr. Jennifer Ashton said, “When children under 10 have one obese parent, their risk of becoming an obese adult is increased by twofold.”

Sarah said Charlotte is 3 ½, and she wants her daughter “to have everything.” But Sarah doesn’t feel qualified to teach diet and exercise. Sarah said her tenacity and intelligence will help motivate her over the next five months.

Tim Gunn: Sarah’s Goal Outfit

Sarah joined Tim Gunn to pick out her goal outfit, which she will wear when she reveals the results of her five-month transformation on Friday. She said after one month, she is back wearing the pant size she wore seven years ago.

Tim Gunn showed off the men’s XXL pants that Sarah had been wearing to work before her Revolution began. Together, Tim and Sarah ripped the old pants up and threw them away.

Tim Gunn: Fashion & Uniforms

Tim Gunn said uniforms can be limiting when it comes to dressing for work. But you can display fashion sense when you’re off the clock and out of the uniform. He suggested that Sarah pick a goal outfit that makes her feel sexy for a date night with her husband.

He suggested a platinum wrap-style dress or a vest outfit for Sarah to choose her goal outfit from. She chose the wrap dress, and Tim added heels and a necklace to go with it.


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