The Revolution: Vivian Weight Loss Diet & Portion Control


The Revolution: Emotional Eating

Tim Gunn and Dr. Tiffanie Davis Henry joined Vivian to talk about her goals. As always, there is a mental component when it comes to health and fitness. Tim Gunn asked Vivian what motivated her to start this transformation.

“I just got engaged, and it just gets to a point where you want to feel beautiful,” she said.


Talking about wedding dresses and family plans made Vivian and her fiancee Matt realize that they want to change their habits to set a good example for their family.

The Revolution: Portion Control

Vivian Cheung said she has always struggled with portion control because she worries there isn't enough food.

Sustainable Lifestyle Changes

Dr. Tiffanie praised Vivian for focusing on lifestyle changes she can carry on even after the wedding, saying that many brides only diet before the wedding and then don’t follow up with their fitness after the big day.


“Before, I think the food was controlling you,” Dr Tiffanie said. “And now you’re gaining control over the whole situation.”

The Revolution: Portion Control

Vivian said had no sense of portion control, and Matt used to question her decisions. Vivian said Harley has taught her how to cook for just one or two people. Even though she’s afraid it won’t be enough food, she is sticking to the plan.

She said exercise has replaced her recreational eating. Tim asked if she felt she could keep her progress up. Vivian said she is struggling so far, and it hasn’t been easy. She is fighting the pull of fast food, and Tim said he felt Vivian’s feelings about food were “on the border of being orgasmic.”

The Revolution: Couple Diet

Dr. Tiffanie asked what would happen if only one of them lost the weight. Vivian said it would be tough not to be on the same page. She said it would be devastating to lose Matt. Dr. Tiffanie said their love for each other is obvious, and they want a happy life for the couple.

Vivian said so far they are exhausted from their extra workouts, so they haven’t noticed any improvement yet in their romantic life. But there are still four months to go.

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