The Revolution: Tim Gunn Style Tips, Tap Squats & Vitamin D


The Revolution: Tips For A Fresh Start

The hosts of The Revolution kicked off their new talk show with tips to give viewers a fresh start.

The Revolution: Dress To Show Off Your Legs

Tim Gunn said he loves helping women who are stuck in a rut. His first advice is to stop focusing on flaws. Instead, find a part of your body that you love, and dress for it. If you have long or well-toned legs, you should show them off. They are one of the last body parts to age, and Tina Turner is a shining example of this.


Jenny has great legs, but has been shy about showing them off. Tim dressed Jenny in a skirt that hits above the knee, paired with heels that accentuated her silhouette. Tim Gunn cautioned that if you wonder whether you are too old to wear something, you probably are.

The Revolution Tim Gunn: Show Off Your Body

Tim Gunn suggests finding what you like about your body and dressing to show it off.

The Revolution TV Show: How To Accentuate Your Neck

Shoulders and necks can be a flattering and feminine area on a woman. Tim Gunn calls it “subtle in a sexy way.” He helped Janet shed the turtlenecks and show off her younger look.


Tim Gunn said that open necklines elongate the appearance and make you appear taller.

Tim Gunn: Showing Off Your Curves

Audience Kalia has a love/hate relationship with her curves, because she has trouble finding the right outfit to complement them. Tim Gunn said showing off your curves doesn’t have to be vulgar. Finding clothes that follow your silhouette rather than hugging it can make the difference.

But Tim Gunn has other ideas for Kalia, and her transformation will be unveiled at the end of the show. Tim’s advice for everyone is to forget your flaws and dress to highlight your positive attributes.

Harley Pasternak: Tap Squats

Harley Pasternak wants to help you look better naked, and he has a simple exercise to get you started. All you need is a chair. Tap Squats target your thighs and butt. By just sitting down and standing up, you will tone and tighten your butt and thighs.

Harley Pasternak recommends doing three sets of 30 reps, three times a week.

Dr. Jennifer Ashton: Vitamin D & Breast Cancer

Dr. Jennifer Ashton shared a study that found a link between low Vitamin D levels and increased breast cancer risk. She recommends taking 1,000 units of Vitamin D3 every day. Taking just half that amount daily could reduce breast cancer risk by 35%. You can also find Vitamin D3 from sunlight, sardines, or supplements.

Dr. Tiffanie Davis Henry: Remove ‘People Clutter’ From Your Life

We hear a lot about reducing physical clutter. But Dr. Tiffanie Davis Henry suggests cutting out the negative people in your life. Those people who discourage you from your goals or are a bad influence on you are cluttering your life, and she says it’s time to cut them loose.

She suggests going through your cell phone and removing people from your life whom you wouldn’t want to talk to if you saw their name on your caller ID. If it’s someone you dread talking to, it’s time to delete them. You can also limit your exposure to your “small dose” friends, whom you can only tolerate in small doses.

Ty Pennington: How To Pick Paint Color

Ty Pennington said changing your colors can improve your mood and motivate you to make changes in your life. He suggests painting a 12×12 square of color on your wall and observing how it changes the mood and gets a reaction from your family over a period of time.

If you’re afraid that a color will look bad on your wall, get extra large paint sample squares to check them out in your room. To find inspiration, look at your wardrobe, because you may already be “wearing the color that fits you best.” Embracing a color can give you a fresh start.


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