The Revolution: Tim Gunn Maternity & Busy Mom Fashion Makeover


Valentine’s Day Makeovers

Earlier in the episode, Tim Gunn introduced two Couples Who Overcame Personal Struggles in their relationships. The women in each couple received makeovers during the show.

At the end of the show, Tim Gunn revealed the results of today’s makeovers. These couples went through a lot to be together, and The Revolution gave the wives a chance to be pampered. It was time to unveil the results.


The Revolution Maternity Makeovers

You don't have to skip feeling fashionable because you are pregnant or busy. Here are some solutions.

Tim Gunn Maternity Makeover

Joey said he had butterflies in his stomach as he awaited the reveal of Melissa, his wife who is six months pregnant. Their interfaith romance put them at odds with both their families.

Melissa wanted a fashionable alternative to her maternity wardrobe. The Revolution team ditched her glasses and frumpy sweater in favor of a sleeveless purple dress. Joey & Michelle embraced and celebrated the fashion success.


The Revolution: Maternity Fashion Tricks

Tim said the dress had a deeply saturated color, which draws attention away from her baby bump. He suggested avoiding loud colors or busy prints. Draped style won’t constrain the belly, and thicker heels mean no worries about taking a spill.

Tim also explained that the dress was knit, which makes it easy to get in and out of during pregnancy. He called the look elegant and sophisticated.

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Chris & Angela Makeover Results

Angela is a busy mom who doesn’t spend much time on herself. She and her husband Chris beat the odds and their whirlwind marriage outlasted the relationships of friends who said they were moving too fast.

Chris was ready and excited to see what his wife looked like after The Revolution’s makeover. Her new fashions made her look years younger.

Busy Mom Fashion Tricks

Angela said she feels like a girl. Tim explained that the pink print dress was appropriate for Valentine’s Day without being gaudy. He gave her an Empire Waist to highlight her shape.

The unusual print and “sophisticated neckline” completed this look, which Angela’s husband Chris called amazing.

The Revolution: Valentine’s Day Dinner

Finally, Tim Gunn gifted both couples with a Valentine’s Night Dinner in New York City, courtesy of the show. Hopefully they have already made reservations, because it is a busy night for restaurateurs everywhere.

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