The Revolution: Raven-Symone Weight & Body Image Advice For Girls


The Revolution: Raven-Symone

Raven-Symone grew up on TV as Olivia in the classic sitcom The Cosby Show. She also starred in the Disney Channel series That’s So Raven. Dr. Tiffanie Davis Henry said that now Raven is poised for her own Revolution.

Tim Gunn said he has been a fan for decades. Raven said she is 26 and has been working in entertainment since age 3. Dr. Tiffanie noticed that Raven has lost weight, and she asked Raven how she feels about that.


“I feel the same as I did before, actually,” Raven said. “I actually took a long time to get used to the weight I am now, because I didn’t feel as pretty or as fabulous as I did before with my weight.”

The Revolution: Raven-Symone

Actress Raven-Symone spoke out about the media's responsibility for accurate portrayals of women. (Image Credit: s_bukley /

Raven-Symone Weight Loss & Body Image

She said it changed the type of attention she was getting, and Dr. Tiffanie suggested that this didn’t feel authentic. She added that curves add something real to a woman’s figure. Dr. Tiffanie said she admired Raven’s spirit, which is present no matter what size she is.


Raven said she juggled many responsibilities as a TV star, and that stress can lead to weight gain. Fast food habits also contributed to her weight gain.

Child Star Raven-Symone

Tim Gunn said it’s remarkable that she has kept herself grounded and in check as a child star. “Any acting out that I did…I lock the doors to my house, and I stay in my own house,” she said. “It’s really nobody’s business.”

She said she wants the public to focus on her performances, characters, and work, not personal details of her life.

Raven-Symone: Advice For Girls

Dr. Tiffanie asked Raven what advice she would give young girls who struggle with their body image.

Raven said individuals have to take time for personal reflection and understand that they don’t have to compete with or live up to the images of women they see reflected in the media. She said families can be a good support system.

False Media Images Of Women

She also said the media could be more transparent about what goes into the looks they promote. From hair, makeup, compression garments, and even facial tape, Raven said the media portrayals are often fake.

Raven said there is a difference between obesity and being a healthy weight, and many people don’t seem to understand that.

Raven-Symone Workout Routine

Tim Gunn asked how she underwent her personal transformation. She said she thought about what her body image goal was. Now she does a dance and Kung Fu video games as part of her workout. She likes that it is easy and she looks forward to doing it when she wakes up.

She added that diffferent things work for different people, and you can’t make someone change their habits if they are not ready or willing to do the work.

Raven-Symone Valentine’s Day

Tim asked about Raven’s plans for Valentine’s Day. She said she plans to relax and do some drawing. She said her Valentine knows who they are, and declined to get specific about the special person in her life.


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