The Revolution: Points Of Light Charity & Extreme Makeover Update


Ty Pennington: Extreme Makeover Home Edition

Ty Pennington shared the story of a woman who changed his life. He met her while filming his last TV series, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. Recently, Ty Pennington looked back on his Final Days Of Extreme Home Makeover.

Revolution: Extreme Makeover Update

Ty Pennington shared an update on an inspirational Extreme Makeover mom who is now giving back. (Photo: s_bukley/


“Veronica Baylor-Ginyard is a single mom of eight, who escaped domestic abuse and became what her children call the strongest woman in the world,” Ty said.

Veronica’s family was profiled in season 3 of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, and the episode aired in fall 2005. After watching clips from Veronica’s home makeover episode, Ty welcomed her to The Revolution.

The Revolution: Domestic Violence

Veronica shared her struggles with domestic violence, and how that affected her children. She said her kids gave her the strength to escape the abuse. “The children saved my life,” Veronica said, explaining that their fears spurred her to seek a way out of the abusive situation.


Ty Pennington said that Veronica truly inspires him, and he is proud of how she has risen above her life challenges. Veronica and her family escaped to House Of Ruth Maryland, which supported the family while they got on their feet.

Now, Veronica wants to give back, and she is a volunteer to help others who are victims of domestic violence. She said that it is her life goal to be there for others who are in need.

Revolution TV: Points Of Light Charity

Ty Pennington said The Revolution is partnering with Points Of Light, an organization that connects volunteers with opportunities in their local areas. For everyone who shares a personal photo and goal on The Revolution website or Facebook page, The Revolution will donate $1 to Points Of Light.

To share your Revolution in the fundraising drive, visit

Additional information on Points Of Light and finding local volunteer opportunities in your area can be found at


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