The Revolution: Paintball & Vertical Workout | “I” Statements


The Revolution Makeover: Sarah’s 60 Day Update

Sarah, a parole office and married mom, is undergoing a five-month lifestyle transformation to change her life. She talked about her priorities, which include strengthening her relationships with her husband and daughter, as well as Battling Cereal Addiction.

She said Harley Pasternak’s fitness training program is difficult, but she is sticking to the plan. One of her goals is to scale a training wall that will help her pass a physical fitness test and get her back on the streets at work.


The Revolution Sarah Police Officer

Harley Pasternak said Paintball, Basketball, and other sports activities provide a great, fun workout.

Revolution TV Show Me List: Better Relationships

Sarah said her husband has never made her feel fat. “I do that for myself,” she said, adding that the way she feels about herself has decreased her interest in Being Intimate With Her Husband. Dr. Tiffanie Davis Henry said many people project their feelings of inadequacy onto their partners.

Sarah had a breakthrough when she realized that her husband Chuck loved and appreciated her, and she was created that barrier for herself. Sarah Baum and her husband Chuck have jump started their relationship and are making great progress toward her first Me List goal of family togetherness.


The Revolution: “I” Statements

Dr. Tiffanie recommends using “I” Statements to get reassurance from your partner. You can say you’re feeling insecure about something that is bothering you, and it gives your spouse the opportunity to reassure you that they love and care about you no matter what.

Revolution TV: Paintball Workout

Sarah’s weight issues caused problems for her at work. She is stuck behind a desk instead of doing what she loves as an officer on the beat. Harley Pasternak took Sarah on a paintball adventure as a creative approach to exercise.

Sarah’s job as a parole officer mean she has weapons training, and she was committed to winning their game of Paintball Capture The Flag. She said the activity got her adrenaline going, and Harley said she is full of energy.

Sarah shot Harley and won their game of Capture The Flag. She was elated and enjoyed the unconventional workout.

Harley Pasternak: Basketball & Sports Workouts

Sometimes you can look to your favorite childhood sports to get exercise and have fun at the same time. Sarah enjoys basketball, so that has been a big part of her workout plan.

Playing Paintball or Tag in the yard can burn about 420 calories per hour, which is a great workout.

Vertical Workouts: Get Your Body Off The Ground

Since one of Sarah’s goals is scaling a wall on her work training course, they have been working on getting her body off the ground. These included Monkey Bars, Sawhorse Leaps, and Vertical Jumps.

The Revolution: Sarah The Parole Officer

Sarah said she is struggling because she hurt her foot. Sarah’s weight after 60 days is 228. That means she has lost 19 pounds in two months. Her journey continues throughout the week.


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