The Revolution: Martha Stewart How To Make A Tissue Paper Heart


The Revolution: Martha Stewart

Emmy Award winning TV host, home decor expert, and prolific author Martha Stewart joined Ty Pennington for decorating advice. Martha said she tapes The Martha Stewart Show one floor below The Revolution. The Martha Stewart Show airs on Hallmark Channel, at least for another few months.

The cover of the current issue of Martha Stewart Living magazine features a paper heart decoration, and Martha wanted to show everyone how to make this for Valentine’s Day, a wedding shower, or even a birthday party.


The Revolution: Tissue Paper Heart

Martha Stewart explains how to create a tissue paper heart for Valentine's Day.

How To Make A Tissue Paper Heart


  • Tissue Paper
  • Floral Wire
  • Scissors
  • Bone Folder
  • Foam Core
  • Glue Gun & Glue


  1. Start with multiple pieces of tissue paper, folding them accordion-style to create pleats.
  2. Use a Bone Folder to smooth out the paper once it’s folded. Martha said these are used to crease paper and are good for multiple projects. They sell for about $5.
  3. In the center of your accordion, twist floral wire.
  4. Use scissors to round the edges of your tissue paper, creating the look of flower petals.
  5. Pulling from the center, carefully separate the layers of tissue paper. This will create very full flower-like designs with the paper.
  6. Repeat with multiple additional sheets of tissue paper. You will need enough to fill the foam board shape you create.
  7. Cut a piece of foam core into a heart or other shape.
  8. Cut the floral wire, apply hot glue to your tissue paper flower, and glue it to the foam board.
  9. Fill out your heart or other shape, starting from the center.

Martha Stewart Photography Hobby

Martha and Ty said they enjoy taking pictures. Martha said she blogs the pictures she takes throughout the day, such as winter scenes on her farm. Ty also enjoys taking pictures but isn’t great about getting them online.

Martha Stewart Granddaughter Jude Stewart

Martha now has her first grandchild, which she said has been a fun experience. Jude Stewart was born March 8, 2011, according to The Revolution.

Martha Stewart Valentines Day

Martha said she loves Valentine’s Day activities such as sending Valentines and baking cookies. Martha said she does have a Valentine this year. She likes a man who looks nice and has a sense of humor. She said she doesn’t mind a man who has a few extra pounds.


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