The Revolution: Limerance, Teens & Age Difference In Relationships


The Revolution: Valentine’s Day

For Valentine’s Day, the hosts of The Revolution shared their own love stories from the past and present.

Dr. Jennifer Ashton recalled a college boyfriend who was nine years older than she was. She was 19 and he was 27; her family did not approve, which just fueled the romance. They are no longer together, but the breakup was amicable.


The Revolution Limerance

If your teen is hopelessly lovesick, it may not be lust or love, but Limerance.

Age Differences in Relationships

Now, as a parent, Dr. Jennifer understands the impact of that type of age difference when it comes to teen dating. Harley Pasternak agreed that, while age differences among older adults aren’t a big deal, it’s a much bigger deal when it comes to teens.

Dr. Jennifer said she would be uncomfortable if her child was in a relationship with that big an age difference. She said her mother took the right approach of keeping her opinion to herself, letting the relationship run its course without adding fuel to the fire.


Limerance in Teen Relationships

Dr. Tiffanie Davis Henry explained a concept she called Limerance, which isn’t quite Lust or Love. She said it is common among teens, who feel that no one else understands what they’re going through.

It sounds very melodramatic and Dr. Tiffanie said teens don’t have relationship experience to get perspective on their feelings and keep themselves grounded in reality. She said it was more common in girls, and Ty Pennington believed that teen boys tend to just become upset and angry when their relationships go awry.

Tim Gunn’s Stuffed Giraffe

Tim Gunn shared a box that belonged to his recently deceased mother. Inside was Tim Gunn’s stuffed giraffe, which he kept with him for years during his childhood. He was amazed to rediscover the childhood toy he thought he had lost many years ago.

The giraffe’s name is Mr. Wee, and Tim was touched that his mother had carefully preserved it for decades. He called the stuffed toy giraffe his first love.

Ty Pennington said the bond children have with their stuffed animals can be very strong and last long after those children have grown into adults.

The Revolution: Interfaith Relationships

Tim Gunn shared the stories of couples whose love stories have endured despite challenging circumstances. Melissa and Joey Valentino are newlyweds, and they had a rough road to their wedding day.

Last year, Melissa and Joey got engaged and married. But her parents were disappointed that she married outside their Jewish faith. However, the strength of their love brought Melissa’s family around, despite the fact that Joey’s family still doesn’t approve of their interfaith relationship.

Tim Gunn called their challenges devastating, but he wanted to help the couple celebrate Valentine’s Day. He gave Melissa a makeover, which Joey knew his wife would appreciate.

Whirlwind Romance Makeovers

Chris and Angela Whitbeck are married and have four children, even though their friends and family thought their relationship was a mistake. That was because it was a whirlwind romance, and they got engaged within eight months.

Now they have been married for eight years, and most of their naysaying friends have gotten divorced over the time the couple has been married. Tim also gave Angela a makeover as a Valentine’s Day gift.


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