The Revolution: Light Box Therapy For Seasonal Affective Disorder


The Revolution: Seasonal Affective Disorder

Dr. Tiffanie Davis Henry said therapists are busy during this time of year because 20% of people get the Winter Blues. The Revolution hosts shared their challenges during winter weather.

Ty Pennington said being cooped up in the house can affect your mood. “I feel OK in the winter, but I feel so much happier in the summer,” Dr. Jennifer Ashton said.


Dr. Tiffanie called winter cuddle time, and Tim Gunn said he enjoys the opportunity to stay indoors and hibernate.

Harley moved from Los Angeles to New York City for The Revolution, and he said it’s been an adjustment getting used to the lack of sun during winter.

The Revolution TV Winter Blues

You can face the Winter Blues and manage Seasonal Affective Disorder.


Kid’s Seasonal Affective Disorder Symptoms

The Revolution hosts had some ideas about helping you overcome Seasonal Affective Disorder. Dr. Jennifer said women are four times more likely than men to suffer from SAD, “probably because of hormonal factors, but it’s not really clear” why. She said two million kids last year suffered from SAD as well.

Social withdrawal, headaches, and heavy sleep patterns could be signs of SAD in your kids, and you’ll want to have a doctor check them out.

The Revolution: SAD & Winter Blues

Darlene said her mood changes with the seasons. She gets anxious and worried, and craves carbs. It also affects her sleep patterns.

In winter, days are shorter, which gives us less exposure to natural sun. Light affects your mood, and particularly Seratonin, which is a neurotransmitter that improves mood, Dr. Jennifer explained. The sleep chemical Melatonin isn’t usually disrupted by winter weather.

However, less sunlight means your Seratonin levels drop, which can lead to cravings for carbohydrates.

The Revolution: Light Therapy

Doctors recommend light therapy for treating SAD. You can use a light box or seek advice and recommendations from your physician or therapist to the right light box for you. These devices emit light that is 20 times brighter than typical room lighting.

The Revolution: Light Box

Ty Pennington showed a light box on the stage. SAD sufferers can just put the light box in their bedrooms, and spend about 30 minutes each morning sitting with the light box to simulate the effect of the morning sun.

Light boxes are available online, and you can click here to purchase a Nature Bright Light Box.

Harley Pasternak Dressing Room Lighting

Ty suggested that Harley brighten up his dressing room, so he got several lamps for it. Now, between the lamps and existing lighting, the room is much brighter, creating a light box effect without the equipment.

Seasonal Affective Disorder & Summer Months

Some people also suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder in the summer. That’s because it is tied to the changing seasons, though in the summer it has the opposite effects. This gives sufferers extra energy and hyperactivity, possibly even manic symptoms.

Dr. Tifannie said it’s important to monitor your mood and talk with your doctor about any lasting changes.

SAD Solution: Change Your Environment

Dr Jennifer said your work and home environments have an impact on mood as well, so sometimes making changes to your house or workplace can help boost your mood. Dr. Tiffanie added that having a bad day or a bad week doesn’t necessarily indicate SAD.

SAD Solution: Colorful Seasonal Photos & Frames

Ty recommended displaying photos of summer or your own favorite season in your home to help offset your SAD symptoms. You can also paint your photo frames in bright, summery colors to add some pizazz to your walls and boost your mood.

SAD Solution: The Color Red

Dr. Tiffanie likes to buy lip gloss to cheer herself up during winter. She showed off red lip gloss, saying red boosts energy and stimulates adrenaline.


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