The Revolution: How To Talk To Kids & Teens About Cancer


The Revolution: Talking To Teens About Cancer

Revolution makeover subject Jenny joined Tim Gunn and Dr. Tiffanie Davis Henry to talk about her progress so far. Tim told Jenny she has a lot to be proud of. Dr. Tiffanie noted that she has lost 22 pounds in a month. “That’s almost a pound a day. That is amazing,” Dr. Tiffanie said.

Dr. Tiffanie asked Jenny why she hasn’t talked to her son about her cancer struggle. Jenny said that when she was growing up, her family only talked about good things, not bad ones. Her cancer prognosis gave her a 50-60% chance of surviving for five to 10 years.


The Revolution: Talking About Cancer

Talking to kids & teens about cancer and other serious topics is difficult, but important.

Revolution TV: Kids & Cancer

A year and a half later, she knows the cancer could return, and she wants to be prepared to fight it off again if necessary. Tim Gunn asked if she would choose again not to talk to her son about her cancer.

Jenny said she always told her son everything would be OK, and she never let him see her cry. She wishes she would’ve been more open with him, so they could share their feelings and gotten through it together.


How To Talk To Kids About Tough Topics

Jenny said she needs to learn to communicate with her son. Dr. Tiffanie shared ideas for talking to kids about tough topics.

Be Honest

“We know when our kids are lying, and our kids know when we’re lying, so just be as honest as you possibly can,” Dr. Tiffanie said. If kids have questions, it’s because they’ve already been thinking about the subject. Giving honest answers will help them process the events.

Share Emotions

Dr. Tiffanie said it’s OK to show emotion. It feels much better to let it out than hold it in.

You’re In This Together

Remember that you and your kids are in this together. Dr. Tiffanie gave Jenny a chance to vocalize what she wanted to say to her son.

Revolution: Jenny & Ryan

Jenny said her son Ryan is a wonderful kid, and she’s blessed to have him. “We’re going to get through this together, and it’s something that we’re going to have to deal with forever,” she said. “I want you to know that it’s OK to have bad days and good days.”

In fact, Jenny and Ryan recently had a great day on the beach. She is ready to get back in the water and enjoy recreation time with her son.


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