The Revolution: How To Remove Water Rings From A Table


The Revolution: Water Ring Removal

Ty Pennington said hiring a handyman can be expensive, and sometimes husbands turn out not to be very helpful with household repairs. But that’s OK because by learning to do things yourself, you won’t have to pay a professional to do them for you.

Laura is a married mother of seven, and juggling all those schedules is a challenge, especially when it comes to taking care of household repairs.


The Revolution: Mayonnaise Removes Water Rings

How to get water rings off your table using an iron & a towel.

Laura is recently unemployed and she wants to learn how to help around the house, but she doesn’t know much about tools or even basic repairs.

Ty Pennington: Water Rings

We’ve all seen troubling water rings on tables and other furniture Even Tim Gunn said he has one on his table, which he’s been covering up with a book. Laura said she uses place mats to hide her water rings.


Extremely hot or cold items can leave rings when moisture gets underneath your finish.

The Revolution: How To Remove Water Rings from Wax Finish Table

This trick works well on wax finishes. Use an iron and a towel to fix the ring. Lay the towel over the ring, set the iron to medium or low, and don’t put water in the iron.

Iron the towel over the water ring for about a minute. Then rub the area with the towel and watch the ring disappear.

Removing Water Rings: Iron or Blow Dryer

If you don’t have an iron, you can also use a blow dryer set to low, with a towel. This only works on tables with a wax finish.

The Revolution: How To Remove Water Rings from Lacquer Finish Table

Use mayonnaise to remove rings from a table with a Lacquer Finish. Apply mayonnaise to the ring. The oil will pull out moisture and clear up the ring on your lacquer table.

Ty Pennington: Home Repair Checklist

Ty Pennington is known as a handyman, and he shared advice on what you need to make the most of your home improvement projects.


Ty Pennington said the most important thing you can do when it comes to household repairs is research your problem beforehand. Just look it up on the Internet and get a sense of how it’s supposed to be done. That way you’ll do it right the first time.

Supply List

Making a list of the supplies you need can help you get the job done correctly without additional trips to the store.


Take enough time to do the job right, so you aren’t rushing through and making the problem worse.

Dr. Jennifer Ashton said she has trouble taking her time when it comes to home repairs or even cooking.


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