The Revolution: How To Organize Your Closet With Tim Gunn


Tim Gunn: Embracing Past Fashions

Tim Gunn said taking stock of the clothing you already own can help you embrace your fashion past. Read more about Shopping Your Closet.

The Revolution: How To Organize Your Closet

If your closet is a disorganized mess, here are some solutions to get it in great shape.


The Revolution: Cramped Closet

Josette wrote to Tim for advice on navigating her closet. She shared photos of her crammed, cramped closet, with multiple items on hangers and knit sweaters crumpled on shelves.

She had a collection of shoe boxes, but no easy way to know what shoes were inside. In her defense, she lives in New York City, where closet space does not come cheap.

The Revolution TV Show: How To Organize Your Closet

Tim Gunn and The Revolution team recreated Josette’s closet dimensions on the set to teach her how to maximize her closet space. It’s The Revolution Closet Organization Guide.


Organize By Groups & Color

Arrange your clothes in groups of similar items, such as dresses, pants, and tops. Then keep those categories arranged by color.

The Revolution: Plastic Shoe Boxes

Tim Gunn showed Josette that you can store shoes in stackable plastic containers to save space and still easily find the pair you need to complete your outfit.

Take Off The Tags

Tim confronted Josette about the clothes in her closet she hasn’t even taken the tags off yet. She said sometimes she likes the way things look at the store, but changes her mind once she gets home. I say return it and get your money back, girl.

Make Everything Visible

Josette accidentally bought multiples of some items in her wardrobe, because she couldn’t see everything she had, and so she forgot that she owned it. Arranging everything so it’s visible will keep you from losing track of favorites.

Tim Gunn: Overstuffing Causes Wrinkles

Overstuffing your closet will cause your clothes to wrinkle, which means you have to spend more time ironing and steaming things before you can wear them.

The Revolution: How To Store Knits

Instead of crumpled piles, Tim Gunn showed off neatly rolled knits, stored in boxes to create maximum space with easy access.

Josette was thrilled with these closet suggestions. I’ve been meaning to clean up my bedroom closet, and I’ll be sure to utilize this list.


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