The Revolution: How To Mix Modern Vs Traditional Design Styles


The Revolution: How To Mix Design Styles

What is the style in your home? Do you put a lot of thought into your home decor, or is it a free for all of contrasting pieces? Do you prefer Modern or Traditional designs?

This can be a point of conflict for couples, but there are ways to merge conflicting styles and create a space everyone can enjoy.


The Revolution: Geometric Patterns

Ty Pennington said geometric patterns can be a great way to unify Traditional & Modern designs.

Ty Pennington: Mix Design Styles

Ty Pennington said people are often afraid to mix and match their decorating styles. He introduced a woman named Kelly, whose design aesthetic clashes with her husband. She said she has a more traditional style.

Kelly explained that their conflict has led to separately defined rooms featuring dramatically different designs within their home.


Ty explained that you can make your styles work well with one another. He said that Traditional Style focuses on matching elements and warm colors. Modern Style features more individualized, eclectic pieces.

Revolution TV: Traditional Vs Modern Style

In keeping with today’s theme of breaking rules, Ty Pennington showed how you can break some design rules and liven up your home by merging your design aesthetics.

Small accessories can make a big difference, allowing them to stand out. Ty showed Kelly that it’s OK to mix wood and metals in your home design.

Broken Rule: Furniture Sets Need To Match

Ty said desks and other furniture sets don’t have to have matching chairs or pieces. By swapping out a chair, you can mix contrasting styles together.

He also showed that you can exchange Modern Vs Traditional wall art and decor to create a unique blend of the styles in your home.

Using Geometric Patterns To Merge Styles

Ty showed off a bold geometric pattern wallpaper as a way to liven up and merge Traditional and Modern styles. These suggestions are easy to experiment with in your own home.

You can start by bringing in a small accessory or pillow to Modernize a Traditional Space. To go the other way and put some Traditional touches on a modern space, you can add Crown Molding, Wainscoting, or a Chair Rail.


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