The Revolution: How To Give A Reflexology Foot Rub


The Revolution: How To Give A Reflexology Foot Massage

The foot is an entry point to the rest of the body. If you’ve ever had a foot massage, you know how the sensations reverberate through your entire body.

Ty Pennington invited Reflexologist Deborah Flanagan to teach everyone to give better foot rubs. Ty demonstrated Deborah’s advice on a willing model from the studio audience, who was very excited to get a luxurious foot rub from the handsome handyman.


The Revolution: Reflexology Foot Massage

Learn how to give a better foot rub that can have physiological effects throughout the body.

The Revolution: Reflexology

“Reflexology is based on the principle that a map of the entire body is reflected on the hands and feet. And by applying pressure to certain points, you’re going to effect change in the different organs and parts of the body,” Deborah Flanagan.

The Revolution: Reflexology Foot Rub

Deborah said that foot reflexology is good for reducing stress, relieving tension, and improving circulation. Plus, it just feels good, as you may know from experience, except when it tickles.


I’ve personally found that if your feet are ticklish, asking the person massaging your feet to press harder can help you stop giggling and enjoy the massage.

The Revolution: Reflexology Foot Massage

Some mood lighting and music can help you set the tone, as Ty demonstrated. Deborah said to start by doing multiple presses all over the foot, “pressing like you’re playing the piano.” That’s a great, specific tip.

Deborah explained that there are 14,000 nerve endings in the feet. Rubbing near the center of the foot promotes relaxation.

Solar Plexus

There is a pressure point under the ball of the foot that can help your massage recipient relax, de-stress, and enjoy the foot rub.

Foot Rub & Congestion

Rubbing the ball of the foot will relieve congestion, which is great during Cold & Flu Season.

Foot Rub & Digestion

Rubbing the arch of the foot aids digestion.

Foot Massage & Fertility

Rubbing the sides of the heels stimulates the nerves in your body connected with fertility, according to Deborah. She suggested that this can sometimes help your body naturally attempt to resolve issues associated with fertility. Since there’s no cost to you, it’s definitely worth a shot.

Ty Pennington Foot Rub

Ty Pennington recommended reciprocating if your partner gives you a great foot massage. That sounds like a fair policy that everyone can enjoy.


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