The Revolution: How To Fix Pet Carpet Damage & Hardwood Scratches


The Revolution: Repairing Dog Damage

Home guru Ty Pennington let some adoptable dogs from the North Shore Animal League frolic adorably on the set. He welcomed audience member Alina to the show. Her dog, Murphy, is cute but can tear up the house.

Alina said Murphy loves tearing up pillows and he also scratches up the hardwood floors. Ty said pets can cause many different types of damage around the house, and floors are one of the hardest hit spots in the home. He showed off two simple fixes that can help you cover your pet’s tracks and make your floors look good as new.


The Revolution: Dog Damage

Save money on household repairs by fixing pet damage yourself.

How To Repair Dog Scratches In Hardwood Floors

Ty showed Alina how to repair scratches in your hardwood floor. One solution is wood markers that are available in a variety of stains, to simply cover up the marks your dog left behind.

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Another option is using Crayons. Try to find a shade that matches your wood grain. Use the crayon to color in the scratches. Then buff the excess off using a cloth. The wax will remain in the groove, filling in that scratch and matching the wood.

How To Fix Dog Damage To Carpet

You can repair the stains or damage to carpet caused by your pets. First, you have to find a spare carpet sample to make the replacement piece. Look for leftover carpet, or take some from a closet, where you won’t notice it’s gone.

Ty said you should cut the damaged patch out using a pot lid as a stencil. Take a box cutter or utility knife and cut out the circular piece you are replacing. Pull out the patch and slide Carpet Tape under the edges of the existing carpet.

Put the replacement patch in place on top of the Carpet Tape. Let it sit overnight with a heavy book or weight on top of it. Finally, mix the fibers back and forth so no one can tell you patched the carpet.

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