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How To Dog Proof Your House

Ty Pennington showed everyone How To Repair Floors when lovable but misbehaving pets damage them. Next, he addressed how to Dog Proof your house and prevent accidents and mishaps before they even happen.

The Revolution: Dog Proof Living Room

Ty Pennington showed how to design a living room to prevent dog damage.


Dogs-Proofed Living Room

Audience member Alina mentioned that her dog likes to make himself comfortable around the house, and Ty suggested that sometimes he leaves a mess behind when he thinks no one is around. Also, she mentioned earlier that he loves to destroy pillows.

Dogs love to play innocent when their bad behavior is discovered. You can save yourself the stress and chaos of doggy decorating, according to Ty. There are ways to prevent your dog from messing up your living room by taking some easy design steps. Here is his advice.

The Revolution: Distressed Furniture

Ty recommended choosing distressed furniture for your living room, so that any canine contributions to the decor will blend in.


The Revolution: Overhead Lighting

Lights in the ceiling will eliminate lamps for dogs to knock over when they are excited and playful.

Dog Fireplace Safety

You can keep your dog from getting attracted to the wood in your fireplace. To keep them safe and prevent a mess in your living room, cover or secure your fireplace if your dog is going to be left alone in the room.

I think that’s where Ty meant to go with that, instead of the aimless babbling that came out of him.

Swivel Chairs

Dogs are uncomfortable with furniture that moves, so Swivel Chairs are a great example of furniture you can use in your living room and be confident dogs won’t want to lounge on.

Chew Toys

Ty presented Alina with a Dog Gift Bag of toys, so maybe he will find something to chew on instead of her pillows. If it were that easy, Alina probably wouldn’t have sought professional advice, but I can bear witness to the fact that finding the exact type of toys your dog will love can keep them entertained forever.

My dogs don’t really like rubber toys. Instead, they are fans of balls and ropes, which they will play with endlessly. I learned the hard way not to give them squeaky toys, because the noise never stops. What toys do you give your dog? Do you agree with Ty’s tips?


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