The Revolution: How To Create A Custom Dresser On A Budget


The Revolution: Custom Dresser

Ty Pennington said interior design can get expensive, but there are some workarounds you can use to get the look and style you want on a budget. He invited Tim Gunn to help him with an affordable home style project.

The Revolution: Custom Furniture

Ty Pennington shared instructions for creating a custom dresser on a budget.


How To Create A Custom Dresser

Ty showed a stylish dresser that cost about $800 at a retail store.

As an alternative, he showed a basic wooden dresser he said cost about $100. He showed how you can take the cheap dresser and make a suitable replica of the expensive dresser at a fraction of the cost.

How To Sand & Prime Wood

First, sand and prime the drawers and frame. After that process is complete, add the paint, which could take multiple coats. By using a roller, you can create a factory finish look.


Creative Furniture Textures

Next, you can create a textured finish using a bamboo shade. These sell for around $25, and you can attach custom cut shade pieces using wood glue. Cutting a little larger than the edges of your drawer front gives you the ability to trim it perfectly to size once it’s in place.

Pickling Wood Finish With Gesso

The next step is called Pickling, and it is a finish that will whiten the wood. You can achieve this with Gesso, which is used for whitewashing. Alternatively, you can water down some white paint to thin it. Apply it to the drawer fronts, on top of the bamboo shade.

Custom Furniture Hardware

Last, find hardware and legs so you can get affordable accessories in your favorite finish. Measure the center of your drawer to determine where your hardware should go, and drill pilot holes to screw in your handle.

Personalizing Your Furniture

Tim Gunn said this process can give you many options to customize the project and make it your own. Place Mats, cloth, or other textures can provide inspiration if you try this project yourself.

DIY Furniture Savings

Ty said this project cost only $79 for material, and $100 for the basic dresser, saving over $600 compared to the expensive retail option.


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