The Revolution: How Long Should A Hug Last & Hug Challenge


The Revolution: Hugs & Oxytocin

Dr. Jennifer Ashton introduced The Hug Shack, a designated area for giving and receiving hugs. Dr. Jennifer said that hugs can be very powerful, on an emotional, physical, and mental level. She explained that this is all due to the hormone Oxytocin.

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The Revolution: Hug Challenge

Can you find someone to hug for 20 seconds today? It's The Revolution Hug Challenge.

Right Vs Wrong Way To Hug

Dr. Jennifer asked Ty Pennington and Harley Pasternak to demonstrate a hug. They did the Bro Version with a handshake in the middle and one arm around the shoulder, lasting maybe five seconds. Dr. Jennifer gave them an F.

She said that you need to hug for 20 seconds to release Oxytocin.


“Twenty seconds of hugging?” Tim Gunn asked. “A hug’s about getting in and getting out.”

Dr. Jennifer had them hug again, with 20 seconds on the clock. They stood awkwardly and didn’t even manage to last the required 20 seconds.

Types Of Hugs

Next up were Tim Gunn and Dr. Tiffanie Davis Henry. Tim noted that he grew up in a family that didn’t show physical affection, so it is awkward for him because he never got hugs as a child.

Dr. Tiffanie brought up the concept of the Church Hug, where you keep a wide stance and leave lots of space between your bodies.

It turned into a hug fest. Ty gave Dr. Tiffanie a squeeze, calling it a good hug. Harley said he and his brothers used to crack each other’s backs during a hug.

The Revolution: Hug Shack

Dr. Jennifer sent Ty to the Hug Shack, where he hugged a long line of women from the audience. Dr. Jennifer said that studies have found physical contact lowers heart rate and blood pressure.

Dr. Jennifer kept talking while Tim Gunn talked over her. Meanwhile, across the stage, Ty was conversing with his audience hug victims. Whoever was mixing the audio should be fired, because all this crosstalk is starting to sound like The View.

The Revolution Hug Challenge

Dr. Tiffanie challenged everyone to try hugging someone for 20 seconds today, to see if it changes your day. What benefits do you enjoy from hugging others?


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