The Revolution: Free Day Diet Cheat & Holiday Diet Cheats


The Revolution: Diet Cheats

Celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak (he trains celebrities; he is not a celebrity/trainer) encourages his clients to cheat on their diets and indulge in their favorite temptations from time to time. He said even fresh squeezed juices can be high in calories. Cheating on your diet is all about indulging in your personal cravings.

The Revolution: Diet Cheats

Why it is important mentally to cheat on your diet, and how your body will compensate.


Vivian Cheung Wedding Cheat

Makeover Hero Vivian is still struggling with her diet. Recently, her sister got married. Vivian got stressed out at the rehearsal dinner, cheated on her diet, and gained two pounds thanks to all the extra food and desserts.

Vivian saw the consequences of what she eats, and said that the wedding was a true test of her will power.

Why You Should Cheat On Your Diet

Renatha and Linda joined Harley to learn about why and when to cheat on your diet. They both habitually diet but admit to cheating on their diets with snacks like hot cheese popcorn and wine.


Harley said cheating is important when dieting, because it gives you something to look forward to. Having a cheat day doesn’t mean you have to indulge, but it gives you permission to do so if you want.

Free Day Vs Cheat Day

It is a psychological trick to give yourself a Free Day. Harley suggested calling it a Free Day rather than a Cheat Day, to keep yourself from going overboard with guilty pleasures.

Studies show that eating 50% more calories one day can actually boost your metabolism by 9% the next day.

Holidays & Cheat Days

Harley said his cheat is Chocolate Chip Cookies. He also suggested choosing holidays or special occasions as your Free Day for that week. Embracing that freedom can make your exercise and diet routine worthwhile.

He also said you will learn to avoid abusing your Free Day, because overeating will wreak havoc on your body.

What’s Your Diet Cheat

My personal indulgence is Mexican food, and I’ve had it twice in the month since I started P90X. I do notice that I feel out of sorts after eating the greasy treats and fried chips, so I know exactly what Harley’s talking about.

What are your guilty pleasures? Do you have a cheat day in your diet?


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