The Revolution: Emotional Overeating & Relaxing Regressive Therapy


The Revolution: Vivian Cheung

Vivian Cheung enjoys exercise, but she may love food even more. Dr. Tiffanie Davis Henry said Vivian uses food to cope with stressful situations. Recently, she sat down with Vivian to get to the root of this problem.

Vivian admitted that diet and exercise are a commitment of time and exercise. When she gets angry and stressed out, she breaks down and eats things she knows are bad for her. I hear her on the chips and guacamole cravings, for sure.


The Revolution: Emotional Eating

Do you use food or other compulsive behavior to cope with emotions?

The Revolution: Relaxing Regressive Therapy

Dr. Tiffanie used Relaxing Regressive Therapy to help Vivian explore the roots of her emotional eating. Vivian closed her eyes and thought back to her recent snack breakdown. They investigated the emotions that spurred her to break her diet.

She was frustrated, and Dr. Tiffanie coached her to work through those feelings. “I feel like I failed in some sense,” Vivian said.


Refocusing Negative Emotions

Dr. Tiffanie hoped to help Vivian refocus that energy into something positive. She suggested that her overeating was a reaction to being overextended.

She said she knows Vivian does care about herself, and she can learn to cope with stress without disappointing herself or giving up on her goals.

Recovering From Setbacks

Dr. Tiffanie said she was proud that Vivian stuck to her workout routine and has moved on from this mistake. “I’m not going to give up,” Vivian said emphatically. Dr. Tiffanie said she believes in Vivian and knows she can succeed.

Vivian is doing the work, Dr. Tiffanie said, and she hoped that Vivian would believe in herself and learn to handle her emotions more constructively going forward.

Eating Vs Exercise & Happiness

Harley Pasternak said Vivian is overwhelmed by her job, and she has been overeating because food makes her happy. But he said a recent study increases the Dopamine in our bodies, which makes us feel happy.

Emotional Eating Coping Mechanism

Dr. Tiffanie said Vivian is struggling with losing food as a coping mechanism, which has disrupted her emotional habits and routines. She said that if you think you have a problem with emotional eating or other compulsive behavior, ask why you are doing this and if it will actually help you address your problem.

In Vivian’s case, she found that eating too much made her feel even worse. Harley recommended a Cheat Day for indulging in moderation.


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