The Revolution: Co-Dependence, Saying No & Choosing A Goal Outfit


Dr. Tiffanie Davis Henry: Co-Dependence & Saying No

The Harris Sisters are a year and a half apart in age. Cherrell explained that they have not yet bought new clothes, because they know they’re not doing losing weight.

The Sisters said that sometimes men are intimidated by their close relationship. Dr. Tiffanie Davis Henry asked them what they are hoping to find in a romantic relationship.


Dr. Tiffanie: Learn To Say No

Saying no can be empowering and helps you set healthy boundaries.

Jamilla said she has had difficulty trusting people, because she has high expectations and is afraid of being let down. Dr. Tiffanie said you can pace yourself and make sure your relationship is a give and take.

Jamilla said Cherrell’s discomfort with herself makes her shy and withdrawn. Cherrell said she feels she could be stronger if she didn’t rely so much on her sister.


Cherrell said Jamilla has trouble saying no to people. Dr. Tiffanie said, “When you say yes to everybody else, you’re saying no to yourself.” That is a hard lesson to learn, but it can take you far.

Tim Gunn: Choosing Your Motivational Goal Outfit

Focusing on what you want to achieve can help to keep you motivated. Tim Gunn helped sisters Cherrell & Jamilla pick out what they’d like to wear when they reveal the results of their transformation later this week. He revealed a closet full of Macy’s clothing and asked the sisters to imagine their dream outfits.

Cherrell pictured a tight fitting dress, showing off her arms, which she has never done before. Jamilla wants to show off her waist instead of covering it up.

For Cherrell, Tim picked out two different looks. One was a purple sleeveless quasi-wrap dress. The other dress was also sleeveless and featured a lot of detailing, and that’s what Cherrell chose.

Tim made some different choices for Jamilla, choosing a cropped jacket and a print dress. He chose shoes and accessories to complement the outfits and encouraged the sisters to work toward meeting their goals before their big reveal on Friday’s show.

The Revolution TV Show: Tim Gunn Dress For The Body Part You Love

Earlier in today’s show, Tim Gunn asked women to Show Off What You Love About Your Body. Kalyea spent today’s show backstage undergoing a transformation to show off her curves.

Kalyea said she feels amazing, and Tim Gunn said, “You don’t have to be a size 2 to show off your curves.” She said she looks and feels amazing, and that you wouldn’t guess that she had a baby one year ago.

Tim Gunn challenged the audience to pick a body part you love and dress to show it off for one week. “Have confidence. Bring a smile to your face, because that’s what fashion should do, and what it’s all about,” Tim Gunn said.

The Revolution: Coming Up This Week

Tomorrow’s show will feature tips for looking 10 pounds lighter, and an update on the second month of the Harris Sisters’s Revolution.


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