The Revolution: Can Dogs Smell Cancer | Sleeping With Your Dog


Can Dogs Detect Cancer?

So it turns out Nigel and Remy are both Dr. Jennifer Ashton’s dogs! Dr. Jennifer shared interesting facts about the connections between your pet’s health and your own well being. She started by addressing the question of whether dog’s mouths are cleaner than human mouths.

The Revolution: Sleeping With Dogs

About half of dog owners will share their bed with a pet, but it can disrupt your sleep.


Dog Mouth Vs Human Mouth

The truth is that dog saliva isn’t actually sterile or antiseptic. When they lick their wounds, the only medical benefit is exfoliation. This is a pervasive rumor, because I’ve heard it for years.

But the reality is your dog’s mouth (like all mouths) is a cesspool of bacteria. One of these is Pastuella, which can cause skin infections and chills. The CDC suggests that young children and people with lowered immunities should be careful about getting dog kisses.

Dr. Jennifer said you can let your dog kiss your face or neck, but not the mouth, “although I did once give my dog mouth-to-mouth when it was having a seizure,” she said.


Is Sleeping With Your Dog Safe?

An audience member asked if it’s OK to sleep with your dog in bed with you. If she were asking me, I would say no, because they tend to hog the bed.

Dr. Jennifer said about half of dog owners do this, and she used to as well. However, you have to worry about fleas, tics, and other bacteria that can be passed through skin contact.

The Mayo Clinic reported that 53% of pet owners who slept with pets were bothered by them or awoken in the night. That’s why my dogs have their own beds now!

Can You Get Worms From Your Dog

Another woman asked if you can get worms from your dog or cat. Dr. Jennifer said you can get all kinds of parasites from them, including worms. Puppies are especially susceptible to worms.

Dogs & Roundworm

Roundworm causes nausea and diarrhea, and their eggs can survive outside for months. Those parasites could be all over your house and yard, causing diarrhea in your stool. If you or your child sees spaghetti in their stool, it’s probably worms. That’s disgusting!

But Dr. Jennifer said all these conditions can be treated in pets and humans with prescription meds. “Keeping your dog healthy is the best way to reduce your risk of getting one of these parasites yourself,” she said.

Revolution TV: Can Dogs Smell Cancer

Research is increasingly finding that dogs can smell and detect Lung, Colorectal, and Breast Cancer. That’s because they can smell compounds in the breath caused by Tumors. That’s an exciting development.

Dogs and horses can do great work in building communication skills in children with autism. Dr. Jennifer encouraged dog owners to keep their pets healthy and in shape.


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