The Revolution: Bilirubin Dark Urine & Why Does Urine Smell


The Revolution: Urine Warning Signs

Dr. Jennifer Ashton said Urine can tell you about your health. Dr. Jennifer said if you are healthy, Urine is completely sterile, and you could drink it if you had to.

She used colored water to demonstrate Urine Warning Signs. Ideally, you want Urine to be straw colored. Amber Urine could indicate Dehydration.


The Revolution: Urine Warning Colors

The color of your Urine can tell you about your body, and abnormal changes could indicate health problems.

Dark Urine & Bilirubin

If your Urine has the color of a Dark Tea or Cola, call your doctor right away. It could indicate Severe Liver Failure. Dr. Jennifer said that color indicates the presence of Bilirubin, a substance the liver uses to process blood.

The Revolution: Red Or Pink Urine

Red or Pink Urine may alarm you, but it would only take one drop of blood to turn the toilet water red, so don’t immediately panic.


This could indicate Trauma in your urinary system, or a Kidney Stone or Urinary Tract Infection. In some rare cases, it may be a sign of Kidney or Bladder Cancer.

Beets Change Urine Color

Rhubarb, Beets, and prescription medications could change the color of your urine. Ask your pharmacist or doctor if you see a strange color.

Frothy, Foamy Urine: Protein In Urine

Dr. Jennifer said men will often notice bubbles in their urine. But if your urine is frothy or foamy, that’s a bad sign. It means your kidneys are releasing protein into the urine, and you should again get in touch with a doctor.

Cloudy, Milky Urine

If your Urine is cloudy or has the color of Grapefruit Juice, you may have an infection.

Overall, staying hydrated will help your body produce urine, and with the exception of Dark Urine, you can monitor your Urine over 24 hours. If something is wrong, your symptoms will probably persist or escalate. But if it’s a minor body issue, it could quickly clear up on its own.

How Often Should You Pee?

Tim Gun said he read an article about an elementary school that only let students use the bathroom three times per week. He asked how regularly we should be urinating. Dr. Jennifer said an adult bladder is the size of a Pear, though everyone’s bladder capacity and urination frequency is different. Typically, your bladder can hold roughly two cups of Urine.

Dr. Jennifer said young people need to learn about their body’s biological processes, and holding urine in the bladder for a long period of time is detrimental to your health.

Why Does Urine Smell?

Your diet can affect the smell of your Urine. Coffee, vegetables like Asparagus, medications, or even infections could cause odors in the Urine. Dr. Jennifer said you should hydrate, and if the smell persists, contact your doctor.


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