The Revolution: Bigger Bust & Bigger Butt Tim Gunn Fashion Cheats


The Revolution: Cheating

Today’s show is all about how to cheat, and when it’s OK to do so. But before they got into the useful tips, Tim Gunn had a confession.

The Revolution Fashion Cheats

Learn to create the appearance of a bigger bust or butt & make yourself look taller.


Tim Gunn Cheated In Grade School

He cheated on a test in 3rd grade, and still feels guilty about it all these years later. I would venture to say that everyone makes mistakes, especially at that age. If you are still carrying around that kind of guilt for decades, there are some other problems going on there. Guilt is not a very useful emotion.

Harley Pasternak admitted that he took Saxophone in 6th grade, even though he couldn’t read music. He tried to copy the hand movements of the kid next to him, to impress a girl in the class.

Revolution TV: Infidelity & The Economy

Dr. Tiffanie Davis Henry said that she notices more infidelity during a bad economy. “When you’re not able to provide for your family in the way that you’re used to…we don’t feel like as much of a man or as much of a woman or the big breadwinner that we were. So sometimes you sneak out of the relationship to get that validation.”


Harley said the opposite problem affects the wealthy, who also cheat even though they have unlimited resources and possessions. Dr. Tiffanie said it can be hard for famous or wealthy people to trust that people like them, and not their notoriety or income.

How To Cheat On Fashion

Tim Gunn said everyone has some natural assets and liabilities. He wanted to share ideas for fashion cheats that can make you feel more confident about your looks. His first subject was Francine, who wishes she had a larger bustline.

Tim Gunn: Bigger Bust Fashion Cheat

Tim dressed Francine in a busty wrap red dress that was designed to enhance the bust. It was paired with a push up bra to create the illusion of more cleavage. He also suggested the Jellyfish Bra Insert or Chicken Cutlet Bra Insert. They have got to be better than stuffing your bra with tissues.

Dr. Jennifer Ashton said Francine has perfect proportions. She encouraged embracing your body and doing fashion cheats as opposed to surgery.

Tim Gunn: How To Look Taller

Sandra is 5’2”, and has always dreamed of being taller. She showed off her new look, which made her seem longer and leaner. Tim’s first cheat was heels to add height. He also recommended matching shoes with tights, and using a unifying color in your outfit from top to bottom.

Tim said petite women shouldn’t wear ankle straps if they are trying to look taller. Sandra said she feels confident and thinks she looks more svelte.

Tim Gunn: Big Butt Fashion Cheat

Erin is a mother of two who said her butt disappeared after she had children. Tim helped her find fashion to get her rear end back. For Erin, he suggested insert underwear that have padding to enhance the butt, using foam or silicone. These are available in various sizes and can be found in stores or online.

Erin thinks this look will impress her husband, and she said it is not uncomfortable to wear.

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