The Revolution: Bachelorette Ashley Hebert Wedding Plans


The Revolution: Bachelorette Ashley

Former Bachelorette participant Ashley Hebert joined Dr. Tiffanie Davis Henry and Bachelor contestant Jenna Burke to share her perspective on participating in this longtime dating reality series.

Ashley Hebert starred as The Bachelorette in season 7 of the show, and was choosing among several men vying for her affections. She said she initially based her judgements on physical attraction, and didn’t realize that Bentley was putting on an act until late in the game.


Bachelorette Ashley Hebert Dating Advice

Bachelorette star Ashley Hebert shared her dating advice & wedding plans.

Learning From Bad Relationships

Ashley said that experience gave her something to contrast with an attractive man. “Sometimes we have to kiss a few frogs,” Dr. Tiffanie said.

Now Ashley is in a loving relationship with JP, whom she met on the show. She said they have gone through hard times together and she is glad to have him in her life.


Revolution TV: Believe In Love

“There’s nobody in this world that’s perfect, but if you believe in love, and I certainly do, there is a perfect person for each of us,” Dr. Tiffanie said. She asked what Jenna learned from Ashley.

Jenna said she thinks Ashley was in a much better place during her time dating on TV than Jenna was. She thinks it’s important to know what you each want from a relationship, and she is still navigating that for herself. She said Ashley and JP seem to bring out the best in each other.

Bachelorette Dating Advice

“If a relationship is bringing you down, it’s probably not good for you,” Dr. Tiffanie said.

Jenna said she has ignored these red flags in the past, but now she knows that means it’s time to get out. Dr. Tiffanie said you shouldn’t use the wrong guy as a seat filler, but should instead free up that seat for your ideal man.

Bachelorette Ashley Hebert Wedding Plans

Dr. Tiffanie asked Ashley and Jenna where they want to be in their love lives one year from now.

Ashley wants to be married, and though she and JP haven’t set a date, she thinks it will be within the next year. She hasn’t thought ahead to planning for kids yet though!

Jenna wants to focus on finding herself and being happy in her life.

The Bachelor airs Monday nights on ABC.


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