The Revolution: Bachelor Jenna Burke Relationship Advice


The Revolution: Bachelor Contestant Jenna Burke

Dr. Tiffanie Davis Henry talked to Jenna Burke, who had a meltdown while competing for love on this season of the ABC reality series The Bachelor. Dr. Tiffanie opened with a surprisingly reasonable question given the tone of this show so far. She asked if it made sense to search for a mate on a TV show.

Jenna said there has been at least one romantic success story out of the more than a dozen seasons of these Bachelor shows, so I guess she thinks those are decent odds. She claimed she really liked this season’s Bachelor, Ben Flajnik.


The Bachelor: Jenna Burke

Former contestant Jenna Burke did not receive a rose when she was eliminated on "The Bachelor."

The Bachelor: Jenna Vs Monica

Dr. Tiffanie said Jenna got into a confrontation with another contestant on the show, Monica. She said that this other girl really got under Jenna’s skin. Dr. Tiffanie said this reminded her of high school, and it seemed like the other contestants were psyching her out.

How to Find Love After a Breakup

Jenna admitted that she broke up with someone about three months before participating in the reality show. “Finding love should not be a game,” Jenna said of her complicit participation in a dating game show, “and I wanted it to be a natural connection.”


Dr. Tiffanie said Jenna has spent time reading self-help books since leaving the show. Jenna said she learned that she doesn’t have to let her happiness depend on another person. Dr. Tiffanie said it’s important to find happiness from within.

Jenna hoped she would become friends with the other contestants, even if she didn’t advance in the game. She didn’t really say, but I get the impression that’s not how things went down.

The Revolution: Jenna Burke

In another clip from the show, Jenna tried to connect with Ben’s masculine side and open up about her past.

She said she had trouble talking about it in front of Ben and putting her heart out there. Dr. Tiffanie said she doesn’t think Jenna was ready to be on The Bachelor. Since taping the show, Jenna said she has gotten more in touch with her feelings and is no longer in a rush to find a man.


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