Revolution: Weights Vs Resistance Training & Stretching Dangers


The Revolution: Diet Myths

Dr. Jennifer Ashton and Harley Pasternak tackled some common myths about fitness and nutrition.

The Revolution: Is Wine OK During Pregnancy

Dr. Jennifer said she often hears people say that a small amount of wine or alcohol is OK during pregnancy. Harley said he’s heard that one glass a day is OK.


But Dr. Jennifer said it’s never OK to drink during pregnancy. She said this is true during all 40 weeks, because alcohol crosses through the placenta, affecting brain and organ development. This can result in birth defects, IQ problems, and many other side effects.

She said this is a factor you can control, and with all the other variables associated with pregnancy, it’s worth it to take control in the area of alcohol consumption.

The Revolution: Dangers Of Stretching

Stretching before your workout does not have health benefits, and can actually higher risk of injuries.


The Revolution: Peanuts Poor Protein Choice

Harley Pasternak said vegetarians in particular promote nuts like Peanuts as a source of protein. But this isn’t true. Nuts can have up to 94% of their calories from fat, with a little protein thrown in. They don’t have Amino Acids either, which prevents your body from getting the benefits of a Protein.

Harley Pasternak said if he had to give them a letter grade, he would give them a C or D. He recommended fruit as an alternative, because it has lower calories.

The Revolution: Weights Vs Resistance Training

An audience member wants to be lean, but is afraid lifting weights will make her bulky. She wants to get toned without being muscular. Harley said you should work on burning more calories than you take in. Do this by trying cardio exercise and resistance training.

Resistance Training Vs Lifting Weights

Harley recommends Resistance Training as an alternative to Lifting Weights. Lifting Weights will wear out your muscles before your whole body is worn out. Running or other exercise may have the opposite effect, giving you fatigue throughout the body.

Doing Resistance Training can help you achieve this, as well as burning calories and raising your metabolism. This will help you burn more calories at rest and while sleeping.

Harley said you’re not going to get taller or lengthen your muscles, as some infomercials may claim. Dr. Jennifer jumped in to add that she has been Lifting Weights all her life, and it has many benefits for women. She said most women don’t have enough testosterone to get really bulky.

Men Vs Women: Building Muscle

Hormones do play a role in body building, and that’s part of why men lose weight and build muscle faster than women. Muscular women tend to be taking testosterone supplements to build up their bulk.

Food also has a huge role in muscle development. Adding calories to your diet can build muscle tissue. Finally, volume of sets and reps per body part will build muscles in those areas.

Revolution: Stretch After Workout, Not Before

Not one out of over 100 recent studies on Stretching has found that doing stretches before exercise reduces your chance of injury. In fact, Stretching can weaken your body and actually increase your chance of injury while exercising.

Stretching does have other benefits, including increased flexibility, but it’s best to save the stretches for the end of your workout, once the body is already warmed up.

Finally, Harley said exercise programs and plans that sound too good to be true probably are not what they claim to be.


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