Revolution: Washing Hands Vs Alcohol Sanitizer & Feces On Phones


The Revolution: Dangers Of Picking Your Nose

Do you pick your nose? If you said no, you’re probably lying, because 91% of people pick their nose, according to Dr. Jennifer Ashton. I’m betting that most of us do not carry an old school handkerchief, like Tim Gunn does. Dr. Jen added that everyone produces one liter of mucus, or snot, every day.

But wait, because it gets even more disgusting. 8% of nose pickers eat what they find, which is apparently not a health hazard. Picking your nose is the real health risk, because your hands and fingernails are teeming with bacteria, which can cause cuts and infections in the nose. Dr. Jennifer recommends blowing instead of picking your nose.


The Revolution: Picking Your Nose

If you say you don't pick your nose, you're probably lying, because 91% of people do it.

The Revolution: Fecal Matter On Cell Phones

Dr. Jennifer wanted to gross us out even more, so she moved on to cell phones. “One in six cell phones are contaminated with fecal matter,” she said. The best remedy for this is using an alcohol swab to clean your phone throughout the day.

The Revolution: Washing Hands Vs Hand Sanitizer

Hand washing is effective, but what about when it’s time to turn off the water? Since we don’t all have automatic touchless sinks at home or at work, you’re probably picking up germs by handling the faucet.


You could try turning it off with a paper towel, but alcohol-based sanitizer is 26% more effective than soap anyway. Read more about Why You Should Wash Your Hands.

Ty Pennington passed alcohol wipes to the entire audience. Read about more Bathroom Hygiene Survival Tips.

The Revolution: Bugs & Rodents In Foods OK

Dr. Jennifer said that some of your favorite foods, like peanut butter and chocolate, probably contain some “bug parts and rodent hairs.” Food processing factories contain bugs and rodents, but the FDA is cool with these byproducts ending up in the food supply, since they’re not in dangerous amounts. That’s not very comforting.

A quarter pound of chocolate can comply with guidelines by containing no more than 60 insect fragments. Dr. Jennifer said the remnants in foods like peanut butter aren’t going to hurt you. In that case, why tell us about them? This is gross.

Put The Lid Down When You Flush

Dr. Jennifer said you should put the lid down when you flush your toilet. That’s because flushing the toilet makes whatever is in the bowl airborne, so it can land on places like your cell phone or toothbrush. Here we go again with the Fecal Spray. This is already the grossest episode of The Revolution in its short history.

Tim Gunn said he hasn’t even had a cold in the last decade. He thinks it’s because he hugs and kisses many strangers every day and builds up his antibodies. Dr. Jennifer said germs are all around us, but most of them aren’t going to hurt us.


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