Revolution: Overhead Triceps Extension & Lean Into Your Fears


The Revolution: The Harris Sisters 5-Month Results

The Harris Sisters are going through a personal five-month Revolution this week. They both want to be more independent, but they still live together and even date together. Dr. Tiffanie Davis Henry said a lot of us have close relationships with friends or family members.

The downside to this closeness is Co-Dependence. Dr. Tiffanie wanted Cherrell to see herself as her own person, not just Jamilla’s little sister. She wanted Jamilla to feel like she isn’t responsible for her younger sister and can make her own decisions.


The Revolution: Harris Sisters At 90 Days

The Harris Sisters lost over 60 pounds in 90 days with exercises like the overhead triceps extension.

Ty Pennington: Individual Goals

The Harris Sisters Struggled With Food Choices and Co-Dependence, but now they eat to fuel their bodies. They said Ty Pennington’s Living Room Makeover encouraged them to work on being independent in the third month of their revolution.

Jamilla & Cherrell are both focusing on their individual goals, receiving compliments and attending events separately. They’re racing each other up stairs instead of taking the elevator. They are finding that small things make a big difference.


Dr. Tiffanie Davis Henry: Lean Into Your Fears

Dr. Tiffanie took Cherell out for a night on the town without her sister, to help her take a first step toward widening her social circle. Ty Pennington said going out socially by yourself is intimidating no matter who you are.

Dr. Tiffanie said that your Anxiety Is Worse Than Reality. Once Cherrell got inside the club, she gained confidence and her nervousness melted away. Dr. Tiffanie said if going out alone scares you, it’s time to face that. “If you don’t like being alone with yourself, no one else will.”

Harley Pasternak: Overhead Dumbbell Triceps Extension

The Harris Sisters are halfway through their revolution. Harley Pasternak said the sisters want to focus on the back of their arms. Since the triceps make up over 75% of your arm mass, he had the sisters focus on the back of their arms, to improve their posture.

You can use a ball, a watermelon, water bottle, or gallon of milk to do this exercise at home. Hold your weight above your head using both hands. Bring it down behind your head, then right back up. Keep your elbows in so you don’t rely too much on your shoulder.

The Harris Sisters also raced up a rope wall to mix up their workout routine. To see more exercises from the show, read Bust Building Back Exercises.

Revolution TV: The Harris Sisters 90 Day Weigh-In

Jamilla & Cherrell have been doing extra cardio and sticking to their diet plan. After three months, it’s time to see where they stand on the scale.

Jamilla has now lost 30 pounds in three months. That’s 10 pounds per month. Cherrell stepped on the scale and was excited to learn she’s lost 35 pounds since starting her Revolution.

I can’t help but notice that they announce these weight loss totals, then cut to overweight women applauding in the audience. I feel like that’s a mixed message, at best.


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