Revolution: Martha Stewart Entertaining Book & Fluffy Biscuits


The Revolution: Martha’s Entertaining Book Review

Ty Pennington called Martha Stewart the queen of entertaining. In fact, Entertaining was the name of her first book, 30 years ago. Her most recent book is called Martha’s Entertaining: A Year Of Celebrations.

Martha explained that in her first book, she photographed other people’s parties. But for this book, she cherishes the memories because they are all from parties she hosted.


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The Revolution: Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart talked with Ty Pennington about her career in publishing & her new granddaughter, Jude. (Image Credit: Sam Aronov /

Martha’s Entertaining: A Year Of Celebrations Review

Ty said it must be nice to throw parties for a living. He asked what she had planned for her granddaughter’s first birthday party next month.


“My daughter is very private,” Martha said.

The Revolution: Alexis Stewart & Daughter Jude’s Birthday Party

“In real life, she’s extremely private, and so we have to have a very private party for baby Jude,” she said.

Martha said her granddaughter loves animals and enjoyed the Museum of Natural History. She called Jude fun-loving. “That’s what you want a baby to be,” she said.

How To Organize Your Linen Closet

Audience members asked Martha questions about home decor and organization.

Tina from Philadelphia is a single mother of a three with an out of control linen closet. She asked Martha for organizational tips.

Martha suggested using fabric labels to mark the sheets for different sized beds. She also recommended keeping at least two sets of sheets per bed, so you have clean sheets to put on the bed when used sheets need to be laundered.

Ty said it must be easy to find everything in Martha’s home because it is all labeled. “It’s a lot of fun to be organized,” Martha said.

Martha Stewart: How To Make Fluffy Biscuits

Megan from San Francisco said she tried to make biscuits with her mom over the holidays, but they came out flat. She wondered if Martha had any advice on getting them to come out fluffy.

“Check the expiration date on your baking powder,” Martha said. She said she often opens a new can of baking powder when she’s preparing for guests or a big meal.

Baking soda could also help to counteract the acidity of buttermilk. Martha recommended following her biscuit recipe, shockingly.

Martha Stewart Living Magazine Subscription

Ty said Martha Stewart Living and a special issue on Organizing are on newsstands now.

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