Revolution: Jewel’s Cordyceps & Rhodiola Herbal Supplement Review


The Revolution: Jewel’s Health Secrets

As a new mom and frequent traveler, Jewel has learned a lot about how to stay healthy, and she shared some of her advice on The Revolution.  She shared a bunch of herbal supplements that she takes to improve her health… and nothing is better than some classic Home Remedies.

Jewel: Cordyceps & Rhodiola

Singer Jewel recommended herbal supplements Cordyceps & Rhodiola as part of her health regimen. (Image Credit: Featureflash /


Jewel Petroleum Jelly

Jewel said singers have to stay healthy because they need a clear voice when they perform. Also, as a new mother, she wants to avoid passing germs to her baby. “Keeping your nasal passages moist is really important. It’s one of your first lines of defense,” Jewel said.

Dr. Jennifer Ashton said the nose humidifies, moisturizes, and cleans air before it reaches the long. Travel, weather, and even medication can dry out the nose, which processes 20,000 liters of air daily.

Jewel said air travel often makes her nose dry. She uses a Q tip to apply petroleum jelly to the inside of her nose.


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The Revolution: Jewel Lanolin for Nursing

Jewel also recommended Lanolin for nursing mothers. This can be applied to the breasts for comfort and moisture.

Click here to purchase Lansinoh Lanolin Nipple Cream. Read more about Breast Health Remedies.

The Revolution: Saline Spray

You can use a saline spray or even steam to keep your nose healthy.

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Jewel said she keeps a humidifier in her room. Read more about Using A Humidifier.

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The Revolution: Cordyceps & Rhodiola

Jewel said caffeine robs you of energy, but there are supplements on the market that cna help you get it back. Cordyceps is a Chinese fungal treatment used to fight fatigue.

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Jewel also suggested the herbal supplement Rhodiola. Jewel said these products are “calming and at the same time energizing.”

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Cordyceps & Rhodiola Pregnancy Warning

Dr. Jennifer said these products can have powerful effects, which carry both risks and benefits. She said you should tell your health provider if you’re taking anything over the counter.

Cordyceps & Rhodiola are not safe for use by pregnant women, and Dr. Jennifer said supplements are not studied by the Food & Drug Administration.

The Revolution: Physician’s Desk Reference For Herbal Medicines (PDR)

Jewel recommended starting with a low dose and finding what works for you. Dr. Jennifer suggested a reference book called The Physician’s Desk Reference For Herbal Medicines to help you find information about these and other herbs. Click here to purchase a copy of PRD For Herbal Medicines.


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