Revolution: How To Get Crayon Off Walls & Get Rid Of Sneaker Smell


Ty Pennington: Household Solutions

Actress Monica Potter joined Ty Pennington to learn about solutions to household problems that avoid using chemicals. Monica Potter stars in Parenthood Tuesday nights on NBC, and she is a Mom Of Three In Real Life.

The Revolution: Band-Aid Remover – Shampoo

First, Ty had Monica rip a Band-Aid off his skin. He said there is a common household item that can make this less painful. Is it a raw egg, a banana, toothpaste, shampoo, or garlic? Monica guessed shampoo.


Shampoo is the correct answer. You can use a dime size amount of shampoo to break down the adhesive glue on the bandage, making it easier and less painful to remove. Monica also recommended using oils. Read about Band-Aid Dermatitis.

The Revolution: How To Remove Crayon From Walls

It's easier than you think to remove your little artist's crayon or pencil marks from the wall.

The Revolution: Shaving Cream Removes Crayon

Kids can get out of control when they’re coloring, and sometimes their artwork ends up on the wall. How can you remove this? Would you guess it’s an orange peel, hair conditioner, shaving cream, sour cream, or deodorant?


Monica guessed conditioner, but the correct answer is shaving cream. Spray a small amount of shaving cream directly on the crayon marks. Then rub in a circular motion to remove the drawing.

Revolution TV: Shaving Cream & Surfactant

Monica and Ty’s demonstration of removing the crayon was not successful. Monica suggested trying deodorant. Ty said you could also paint over it.

Ty persisted, and eventually the crayon marking started to come off. Shaving cream contains something called a Surfactant, according to the show. This is something also found in cleanser.

You can also use shaving cream to quiet a squeaky door hinge.

The Revolution: Rye Bread Removes Pencil Marks

Sometimes kids use pencil instead of crayons when they’re redecorating the walls. Would you try mayonnaise, bread, green grapes, 2% milk, or cabbage? Monica guessed mayonnaise, but the audience disagreed.

The correct answer was bread. Rye bread works best, according to Ty. Gluten in bread has a similar makeup to rubber, which is what pencil erasers are made of. Ty suggests folding the bread and rubbing away the marks. This seemed to work faster than the crayon solution.

The Revolution: Freeze Smelly Sneakers

Being active can mean that your feet sweat, leading to stinky sneakers. How do you fix this? Is the solution white rice, the freezer, coffee filters, a blow dryer, or cotton balls? Monica guessed rice.

The gross but correct answer is the freezer remedy. Ty said you can put the sneakers in a sealed bag overnight. When you take them out, they shouldn’t smell anymore.


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