Revolution: How To Fix Drywall Holes & Pantyhose Paint Strainer


The Revolution TV: Drywall Holes

Sarah tried to fix her Drywall Hole with tape, but Ty Pennington said this only works on small holes. Tim Gunn shoved a sanding sponge in his drywall hole to create a hideous doorstop.

The Revolution Drywall Patch

You don't have to pay a repairman to fix your drywall. Learn to do it yourself and save.


The Revolution: How To Fix Drywall Holes


  • Note card
  • Pencil
  • Drywall Patch Square
  • Drywall Saw, Drywall Knife, or Heavy Duty Box Cutter
  • Mesh Patch
  • Joint Compound
  • Paint & Paintbrush


  1. Take a note card and use it as a stencil. With a pencil, trace the edges of the note card directly onto your wall over the hole.
  2. Now use the card as a guide. Take a square of drywall and trace the card on the back.
  3. Score the back of the drywall, but don’t cut all the way through.
  4. Break the drywall around your stencil marks, leaving the paper edges intact for now.
  5. Use a drywall saw, drywall knife, or heavy duty box cutter to cut out the rectangle shape from your damaged wall. Starting in the hole, cut diagonally up to a corner of your stenciled square.
  6. Continue cutting all the way around the square and remove the damaged drywall.
  7. Place your replacement drywall piece in the hole with the paper facing out. Remove the paper from the fitted piece.
  8. Apply a mesh patch over the adhesive, creating a smooth surface over the hole.
  9. Apply joint compound over the mesh using a trowel, putty knife, or ice scraper.
  10. Wait six to 24 hours for the joint compound to dry. Sand the spot or use a wet sponge to smooth out the edges of your square.
  11. Paint over the joint compound, feathering out the edges to match the wall color.

Doing this yourself can save you about $100.


The Revolution: Pantyhose Strain Paint

Once you’ve patched a hole in drywall, you’ll have to paint over it. If you have leftover paint from the last time you did your walls, it can get crusty and chunky if it’s been sitting for a long time.

But you can strain it using old pantyhose you may have around the house. Strap the pantyhose around the rim of a five-gallon bucket and pour the paint in the center.

The pantyhose will filter the usable paint out and keep the useless chunks in the pantyhose.


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