Revolution: Harley Pasternak Skater’s Lunge Exercise & Me List


The Revolution: Harris Sisters 4 Month Update

The Harris Sisters have been undergoing a five-month transformation on The Revolution. They have come a long way in the first four months of their journey.

They said they were tired of shopping, because they could never find clothes that fit properly. Jamilla & Cherrell have reversed 30 years of bad habits since adopting Harley Pasternak’s fitness and nutrition plan.


The Revolution: Roller Skating Cardio

Roller Skating is a great form of low impact cardiovascular exercise.

They received a Ty Pennington Living Room Makeover and learned from Dr. Tiffanie Davis Henry On Saying No To Others. Now they walk to the store instead of driving. They continue to push one another toward their goals.

The Revolution Me List

Dr. Tiffanie Davis Henry has been working with the Harris Sisters on their Co-Dependence. She gave them an assignment: Spend one week apart, with no communication whatsoever. In 30 years, they’ve never spent time apart, so this was going to be a big challenge.


Independence is an attractive quality, and it helps you bring your own unique perspective to your relationships. Learning to be independent was very important for Jamilla & Cherrell, and it was the second goal on their Me List during their Revolution. Anyone can make a Me List of goals they want to achieve for themselves.

Jamilla stayed at the sisters’ apartment, and Cherrell went to stay with their parents for the week. If Cherrell is hanging out with her parents, she’s not really alone, right? They weren’t allowed to talk on the phone, text, email, or spend time together in person.

Harris Sisters: Spending One Week Apart

On day one, Cherrell was running late because her sister normally helps her make breakfast and lunch. Jamilla said her sister typically wakes her up and this week she needs to get up and work out on her own. The sisters changed their perceptions and explored individual interests, but they struggled without getting to connect with each other.

They were excited to catch up with each other after a week apart. Not seeing each other for a week, they were surprised at how well they’re doing with their fitness progress. They can now fit into clothes that they couldn’t before, and they’re motivated to continue their healthy habits.

During their week apart, neither sister gained or lost a pound. Harley Pasternak theorized that this could be because of water retention, since women who live together tend to have the same menstrual cycle.

The Revolution: Skater’s Lunge Exercise

Overall, the Harris Sisters have continued to bust through their weight loss goals. Harley had them focus on their legs, doing the Skater’s Lunge, which is a thigh and butt exercise.

The Skater’s Lunge is similar to a curtsy. Step back and across your body, dropping almost to your knee. Use a wall or door for balance, and do this in your spare time. It doesn’t require equipment, and Harley recommends three sets of 25 reps, three times per week.

Harley also recommends Roller Skating as a low impact cardiovascular workout.

The Revolution Talk Show Weigh-In

In four months, Jamilla has lost 38 pounds. Cherrell was excited to step on the scale and find out she is under 200 pounds. She has lost 41 pounds in four months.

The Harris Sisters still have one month left to go on their Revolution journey, and at this rate they are going to be in great shape for their big reveal. Dr. Tiffanie said the sisters’ confidence has improved as they have achieved their goals.


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