Revolution: Front Door Design Makeovers, Accents & Accessories


The Revolution: Front Door Design Makeovers

When it comes to Do It Yourself home decorating, advice often focuses on the interior, such as what furniture or accents to use in a living room or dining room. But what is the first thing visitors and guests see when they come to your home?

It’s the Front Door, and it’s often overlooked when it comes to Home Design.


The Revolution: Front Door Makeover

Does your front door reflect your personality? Find out how to make it more inviting.

Revolution TV: Is Your Front Door Inviting?

Ty Pennington said the Front Door is the face of your home, and you want to make sure it welcomes you home and is inviting to visitors and guests.

Viewer Christie joined Ty. She has hated her front door since she and her husband bought their house six years ago. She said she has a beautiful yard, but her front door ruins the aesthetic.


The Revolution: Front Door Design Ideas

Ty and Christie looked at some other doors and talked about the messages they send. Bright Colors like Yellow can really brighten up the appearance of your entryway.

You can even detail your door with custom painting to reflect your individual personality. Having a distinctive door is also a good way to give visitors a visual indicator in directions. For example, “Park in front of the house with the Green Door.”

You should replace your Front Door if it’s damaged or worn. Ty gave Christie some tips on decorating and protecting her door.

Your Door Vs Your Face

Ty said you should treat your door just like you’d treat your face. Protect it from the sun, give it a few nice touches, and accessorize.

He said you should use an exterior UV sealer on the paint of a wood door, to protect your door from sun damage. You can also accent your door by painting the trim or molding with a contrast color.

The Revolution: Front Door Accessories

Finally, you can accessorize your door with a knocker, wreath, or other decorations. For Christie, Ty suggested a bright purple door with modern hardware.

Ty said you shouldn’t be afraid to change your front door to make it reflect your personality.


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