Revolution: Blue Kitchens Slow Metabolism & Blue Bedroom Ceilings


Ty Pennington: Color Blue Quiz

Ty Pennington said blue is the #1 favorite color choice worldwide. He welcomed audience member Cathy to talk about the color blue, which Cathy agreed is her own favorite color as well.

The hosts asked Cathy and the audience a series of questions about this popular color to test their knowledge and share useful information about how and where you can use this color in your life to get better results.


The Revolution: Avoid Blue Kitchens

A blue kitchen can actually slow your metabolism and potentially cause you to put on extra weight.

The Revolution: Blue Kitchens Slow Metabolism

There is a room you don’t want to paint blue. But is it your bathroom, dining room, kitchen, or living room?

The answer is the kitchen. The color blue can actually slow down your metabolism, which is not what you want when you’re eating.


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The Revolution: Best Shade of Blue for Job Interview Outfit

When you are going to a job interview, you want to make the best possible impression, and color has an impact on how you are perceived. Blue is a popular color, whether you’re talking suits, blazers, or even ties. But what shade of blue is best for a job interview?

The answer is navy blue, which “represents loyalty and also suggests someone that takes charge and is really in control,” according to the show.

The Revolution: Blue Bedroom Ceilings Promote Sleep

What wall of your bedroom should be painted blue? Cathy chose the accent wall behind the bed. I thought maybe it would be the wall with a window, where the blue would match the sky. But it turns out that this is a trick question.

According to Ty, you should paint your ceiling blue to promote restful sleep. This gives you tranquility as you’re trying to shut off your mind and drift off to your dreams. A blue ceiling also helps in children’s rooms.

I imagine it would definitely be relaxing to lie in bed and stare up at a blue ceiling, instead of a plain white ceiling. I also think it’s probably easier to talk about painting a ceiling than to actually go through with it.


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