Revolution: 1/3 Clothing Proportions & Pizza Portion-Size Tripled


The Revolution: Portion Size

What’s the right size for you? In a world where it’s actually cheaper to super size your fast food order, America’s portion sizes have gotten out of control.

“We are eating more than our bodies need, or really than we can handle,” trainer Harley Pasternak said.


By eating just 100 extra calories each day, you could be gaining one pound per month, and more than 10 pounds in a year.

The Revolution: Pizza Portions

Pizza slices have tripled in size and calories over the last 20 years.

The Revolution: Pizza Size Tripled

Harley talked about how portion sizes have changed over time. 20 years ago, he said a slice of pizza was 250 calories. These days, pizza slices are three times the size and have 750 calories per slice. That’s 500 extra calories, just in one piece of pizza.


The Revolution: Steak Portion Size

Harley talked about restaurant steak and asked everyone if they thought steak should be the size of a bar of soap, a checkbook, or a makeup compact. The Revolution hosts all had different answers, but the correct choice was the soap bar. A meat serving should be about three ounces.

Try ordering lean red meat, which has protein and iron. When ordering at a restaurant or cooking at home, skip the butter and sauce. The right seasonings can make it delicious without the added calories.

Michelle Obama Portion Control

Tim Gunn said he once had lunch at the White House with First Lady Michelle Obama. He said that everyone was served a small plate of vegetables. He said that Mrs. Obama told them, “I would rather have you leave lunch today and get an ice cream cone than have food that’s thrown out.

The Revolution: Pasta Portion Size

Harley asked what the right size for a pasta portion should be: a light bulb, a tennis ball, or a deck of cards. Again, the hosts all had different answers. The correct answer is a light bulb, which is about the size of one cup of pasta. That’s one serving, and whole grain pasta is better for you.

Harley said whole grain pasta isn’t lower in calories than white pasta, but it does have more nutrients. One cup of cooked pasta has about 200 calories.

Portion Size: Vegetables

What is a good portion size for vegetables: a baseball, a CD, or a chalkboard eraser? Dr. Tiffanie Davis Henry said she figured you could fill your plate with healthy vegetables. Harley said you want at least one cup of vegetables, which is the size of a baseball.

Harley recommended “high volume, low calorie foods” like vegetables that will fill you up with nutrients instead of calories.

Peanut Butter Portion Size

What do you think is the right serving size for peanut butter? Is it a matchbox, a deck of cards, or a 9-volt battery? If you guessed the battery, you’re right. That’s one tablespoon of peanut butter, and though it’s about 80% fat, it is heart healthy. However, it can lead to obesity so Harley recommends moderation.

He suggested warming up your peanut butter, which makes it go a lot farther than cold peanut butter straight from the jar.

The Revolution: 1/3 Clothing Proportions

“Wearing clothes that fit well makes all the difference in how you look and how others see you,” Tim Gunn said. He shared two guidelines for following the right size.


Choose clothes that follow your shape. Tops that cut your body in half will make you look boxy. Instead, Tim recommends dividing your body into thirds: shoulders to waist, hipbone to knees, and knees to toes. When you are wearing an item that cuts you in half, add a belt to improve your proportions.


Make sure your proportions are correct. Tim Gunn recommends skirts that hit around the mid-knee. Knee length skirts are usually the best choice when it comes to proportions.


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