How To Choose A Romantic Gift For Women | Valentine’s Day


The Revolution: Valentine’s Resolutions

Today’s episode contained a disclaimer that it was “Recorded Earlier.” I didn’t know if they were pretending this show is ever live, given its choppy editing and the fact that, obviously, the Makeover segments of their episodes are shot over a five month period. Maybe today’s show is more dated than usual somehow?

Valentines Resolution

Learn why Lingerie is an unromantic gift that is bound to backfire on a man.


The Revolution: Valentine’s Day

The Revolution hosts said their Valentine’s Days went well, though Harley said he ate four pounds of chocolate. That is thousands of calories, bro. What kind of example are you setting for the Makeover Couple?

Dr. Jennifer Ashton made up the concept of Valentine’s Day Resolutions, in case your Valentine’s Day was unbearably depressing and you want things to improve over the next year.

Ty Pennington called love “incredible,” but he said when he was younger he didn’t have his priorities in order. He said that love will make you excited to see that person and devastated if or when you break up.


Long Distance Relationships

Dr. Tiffanie Davis Henry said excruciating breakups are how you know you were in love. She said she is currently in a long distance relationship, because her husband still lives in Atlanta. This has put their childbearing plans on hold for now.

Maybe Dr. Tiffanie’s husband didn’t want to move from Atlanta in case The Revolution gets quickly canceled? I guess that’s a safe bet, but I’d rather live in New York than Atlanta.

Dr. Jennifer said she conceived her first child while she and her husband were living in separate cities. Dr. Tiffanie said she keeps in touch with her husband via Skype, and even gives him cooking lessons on the computer.

Love Resolutions

Ty Pennington said Valentine’s Day can cause a lot of guilt for guys who don’t get their girlfriends the proper gift. Seriously, do people get this wrapped up in this Hallmark holiday?

Ty shared the three biggest mistakes men tend to make on Valentine’s Day, and how to avoid them next year. I guess write these down, or put them on your Google Calendar for next February.

Romantic Gift Mistake: Greeting Card

Ty Pennington talked to a woman named Chloe who received a generic greeting card that contained no personal message. 75% of women would love to receive a simple handwritten note or poem from their loved one.

Romantic Gift Mistake: Lingerie

Julie shared her Valentine pet peeve, the gift of lingerie. Ty said women aren’t as into the Lingerie as men are. Ty said getting the wrong size of lingerie can only lead to trouble. He suggested getting an alternative gift, such as pajamas.

But Harley and Dr. Tiffanie disagreed with this advice. “Maybe we don’t always want our spouse dressed as a lumberjack on Valentine’s Day,” Harley said.

Ty said you can pay attention to your lover’s likes and hobbies to buy them a more thoughtful gift.

Romantic Mistake: Not Getting A Gift

Elizabeth shared what she received for Valentine’s Day: nothing. She went all out for a guy she had been dating for five months, getting him roses and a spa treatment. But he didn’t get her anything in return.

Ty said 64% of guys don’t make plans for Valentine’s Day, but it’s never too early to start planning for next year. Or you could know the person you’re dating and whether or not it’s important to them, but then I guess you wouldn’t need TV to tell you to buy them gifts they like.

Ty gifted all the women who received thoughtless gifts with “gift cards to go pamper yourselves.”


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