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The Revolution: Dog Fashion

Dog Day is a holiday I can get behind. Dr. Jennifer Ashton and Harley Pasternak even brought dogs named Nigel and Remy to take part in the show today. We weren’t told whether these are their personal dogs, or just some actor dogs hired for today’s show!

The audience members were invited to bring their dogs as well. This could be a lot of fun, unless you are a cat person.


The Revolution Dog Fashion

Tim Gunn shared some four legged fashions for dogs today on The Revolution.

Revolution: Matt Weight Loss

Today was the conclusion of Vivian Cheung’s five-month Revolution makeover. Her fiancee Matt was also in the audience. He did not bring a dog, but he did share his weight loss total from the last five months. Since starting The Revolution five months ago with Vivian, Matt has lost 90 pounds.

Revolution TV: Dog Owners

“The average person who owns a dog in the United States walks two hours and 20 minutes a week,” Harley said. This can be great motivation to exercise and put the excuses aside.


Ty Pennington said his father had an intense bond with his dog, who was even allowed to sleep in bed with him.

Dr. Tiffanie Davis Henry showed a picture of her dog, Jodi, a Daschund mix, who is not allowed to sleep in her bed.

Howard Stern’s Wife Beth: North Shore Animal League

Beth Stern, wife of media personality Howard Stern, is an animal activist. She works with the North Shore Animal League, and she introduced a small mixed dog named Ginger that is looking for a home.

Beth loves animals and enjoys helping them find new homes. “When you go to a shelter, you’re saving a life,” she said.

Dog Adoption: North Shore Animal League

The North Shore Animal League facilitates over 20,000 adoptions annually and has placed over 1 million dogs. They rescue from many places, including puppy mills, and they have a wide variety of breeds and mixes for adoption.

Dr. Jennifer asked what happens to animals when their owners are evicted or foreclosed on. That means you may find mature or house trained dogs at local shelters available for adoption.

Tim Gunn: Doggy Style

Tim Gunn turned his fashion eye to the four legged world, with four adoptable dogs modeling some Puppy Style. I’m not a big believer in dog fashions, but I guess if the animal activist is on board, who am I to complain?

Dog Parka

Benny is 10 weeks old, and he was dressed in a Faux Fur Parka. He was escorted by Michelle, who was wearing a Trench Coat and Corduroy Jeans.

Benny is a Shar Pei-Shepherd mix who will need a big yard as he grows.

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Dog Argyle Sweater

Roy is nine years old, and his dog walker’s name was Jackie. She wore a trendy Cape Top.

Roy was decked in an Argyle Sweater and he had a lot to tell the audience. His owner recently passed away and he’s looking for a new home.

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Dog Raincoat

Tabitha was wearing a Water Repellent Coat for walking in the rain. She was joined by Briana, who was wearing a Trench Coat with a Graphic Skirt.

Tabitha was rescued from a puppy mill and is two years old.

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Dog Argyle Sweater

Revi wore a Blue Knit. Dog walker Sherry wore Copper Jeans, which Tim called “dog park capable.”

Revi, short for Revolution, was a 10 week old German Shepherd mix, who might do well in a family with kids and a yard.

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How To Adopt A Dog

Beth Stern is spokeswoman for the North Shore Animal League. You can learn about adopting any of these dogs, or find a shelter in your area, by visiting


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