The O’Reilly Factor: America’s Biggest Problem & New York Abortion Law


The O’Reilly Factor: America’s Biggest Problem Part 2

Bill O’Reilly introduced America’s Biggest Problem Part 2 on February 20 2013, continuing from the previous night. On tonight’s Talking Points, he addressed Governor Andrew Cuomo’s proposed abortion law changes and the changes to America over the last 50 years.


The O’Reilly Factor: Why 50 Years Ago Was Better Than Today

The O'Reilly Factor: America's Biggest Problem & New York Abortion Law

Bill O’Reilly listed some of America’s biggest problems, including New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s proposed changes to abortion laws. (lev radin /

Bill O’Reilly said that 50 years ago, America’s biggest values were self-reliance, hard work and honesty. Today, he said, that’s no longer the case. For example, he said, two weeks ago the New Jersey Supreme Court ruled 5-0 that a woman who used crack cocaine two days before giving birth was not being abusive or negligent to her baby. The toxicology report showed that the baby had cocaine in his system.

Bill O’Reilly said there was no excuse for that ruling. He said that if we lived in a civilized, fair society, like that of the 1950s, something like this never would have happened.


The O’Reilly Factor: New York Governor’s Abortion Law Changes

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has proposed a new law that would allow late-term abortions in his state. These abortions wouldn’t have to be performed by doctors. Nurses or Physician’s Assistants could do it. Bill O’Reilly said that Governor Cuomo wanted to decriminalize abortion across his state, which would mean that health practitioners in New York could do abortions for any reason.  He noted that Governor Cuomo’s approval rating was at 59 percent.

He showed a clip of Andrew Cuomo giving a speech where the Governor said, “Because it’s her body, it’s her choice,” three times in a row, to great cheering from the audience. Bill O’Reilly said that if he could ask Governor Cuomo a question, he would ask him if he cared about the unborn at all.

The O’Reilly Factor: Welfare Changes In America

Bill O’Reilly said that these changes show that both New York and New Jersey will not protect the most defenseless. This is another example of the shift in America since the 1950s, he said. Another example is in our social programs.

He said that over the past 10 years, means-tested welfare is up 91 percent from what it used to be. He said that federal disability claims are up nearly 60 percent. Finally, he said that education spending in the past 50 years is up 277 percent, but the kids are not any smarter.

“The brutal truth is, we are a country in decline. Our social programs do not work. We do not protect the innocent. And more and more of us want handouts,” Bill O’Reilly said.


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