O’Reilly Factor: Crack Babies, Abortion Laws & Government Handouts


The O’Reilly Factor: Bob Beckel New Jersey Supreme Court

Bob Beckel, co-host of The Five on Fox News, came by The O’Reilly Factor February 20 2013 to give a response to Bill O’Reilly’s talking points. First up was a recent New Jersey Supreme Court decision that ruled a woman who had taken crack cocaine two days before her baby was born was neither negligent or abusive. The baby was born with crack cocaine in his system.

O'Reilly Factor: Bob Beckel New York Governor's Abortion Law Proposals

Is the recent New Jersey Supreme Court decision creating a bad precedent for pregnant mothers in America? Bill O’Reilly seemed to think so, as the ruling said that a woman who took crack cocaine two days before having a baby was neither negligent or abusive.


Bob Beckel said that the New Jersey Supreme Court decision was made with evidence neither one of them had in front of them, but that if the baby only had some crack cocaine in his system when he was born, then he wasn’t a crack baby. He said that a crack baby is one addicted to crack. He also said that if the government took children away from their mothers every time their mothers used drugs, that would be a lot of babies.

O’Reilly Factor: Crack Babies Foster Care

Bill O’Reilly responded by asking if Bob Beckel was okay with a nation that said it was okay for pregnant women to do whatever drugs they like, including crack cocaine, heroin or methamphetamine and not hold them accountable.  Bob Beckel said that the women should be held accountable, but that the foster system was terrible and he was concerned about the baby in that system.

Bill O’Reilly said that that he wasn’t going to debate the foster system, but that it was wrong for a woman to be able to do that without repercussions, especially considering that crack cocaine is illegal in the first place.


O’Reilly Factor: Bob Beckel New York Abortion Law Changes

Next, Bob Beckel weighed in on Governor Andrew Cuomo’s proposed changes to New York abortion law, which would decriminalize abortion in New York state, allow late-term abortions and allow abortions to be performed by Physician’s Assistants and nurses. Bill O’Reilly said that this decision was another attack on unborn children in America.

Bob Beckel said that it’s ridiculous to allow late-term abortions up to birth. He said he disagreed with Governor Cuomo and that he himself disagreed with abortion, but would allow it up to the first trimester. Bill O’Reilly and Bob Beckel seemed to agree, for the most part, on their opposition to Governor Andrew Cuomo.

The O’Reilly Factor: Bill O’Reilly Vs Tom Brokaw

Bill O’Reilly said that the 1950s had strong values, including honesty, hard work and self-reliance. He said that other than the Civil Rights issues of the time, which were very wrong, he thought that the way society was then was better than today. Bob Beckel said that the assumption that those values are gone today was wrong and that Bill O’Reilly couldn’t back that up.

Bill O’Reilly asked Bob Beckel if he didn’t believe that more people today wanted handouts. Bob Beckel fired back that more people today could get access to disability than ever before. Bill O’Reilly said because the government made it easier for people to get it. Bob Beckel conceded that there may be some fraud in it, but not all the cases had fraud.

Bob Beckel also said that Bill O’Reilly and Tom Brokaw have this idea that the 1950s were a golden era. Bill O’Reilly laughed at being lumped in together with Tom Brokaw and said that Bob Beckel was ranting now. When Bob Beckel countered that Bill O’Reilly was the one who always ranted, Bill O’Reilly laughed and so did several people off-camera, presumably cameramen and crew members.


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