O’Reilly Factor: John McCain Immigration & Obama Media Manipulation


The O’Reilly Factor: Senator John McCain Illegal Immigrant Amnesty

Bill O’Reilly’s Personal Story February 20 2013 was on Senator John McCain and his efforts for immigration reform. During a town hall meeting, the Arizona Senator came under fire from his constituents for being too soft on the issue. Bill O’Reilly talked to Mike Broomhead of The Mike Broomhead Show and associated press reporter Cristina Silva about the issue.

O'Reilly Factor: John McCain Immigration & Obama Media Manipulation

Senator John McCain came under criticism during a town hall meeting recently about his stance on immigration reform. (Frontpage / Shutterstock.com)


Cristina Silva said that no one in the room with John McCain were in favor of immigration reform. Mike Broomhead, who talked to Senator John McCain afterward, said that John McCain wasn’t angry or upset about the reaction and that he loved Town Hall meetings.

John McCain noted during the Town Hall meeting that border security should be tightened before amnesty is considered, but that amnesty should be on the table. The constituents became very angry about the idea of amnesty.

The O’Reilly Factor: President Obama Media Manipulation

Is the national media being manipulated by the Obama administration? Bill O’Reilly said that every administration tries to manipulate the press, but something’s different here. Carl Cameron, Fox News Chief Political Correspondent, said it’s different now because of the rise of technology. The White House releases its own videos and information and goes around the media. Carl Cameron said that while he promised to be the most transparent president, he’s failing in that mission.


James Rosen, Fox News Chief Washington Correspondent, said that President Obama’s reluctance to use traditional forms of media is measurable. While President George W. Bush held a press conference 355 times in his first term, President Obama only did it 107 times. Bill O’Reilly added that President George W. Bush avoided the media, too.

James Rosen also added that the Justice Department has launched six federal criminal prosecutions against alleged leakers, which is more than his predecessors combined, including Richard M. Nixon. Bill O’Reilly pointed out that you can’t investigate a journalist unless there is a national security issue. James Rosen said that he himself is the subject of one of these investigations. Bill O’Reilly made him promise to come back to talk about it.

The O’Reilly Factor: Tea Party Karl Rove Nazi Photo

The Tea Party created a photo of Karl Rove dressed as a Nazi for fundraising purposes and to get attention. The Tea Party has apologized for the release of the photo, which they said was the fault of their publisher. Carl Cameron said that they were trying to get back at him.

The O’Reilly Factor: General John Allen Resigned

General John Allen, who was being considered for supreme commander of NATO in Europe, suddenly resigned. The four-star general was being investigated over the emails he exchanged with Jill Kelley, who was threatened by Paula Broadwell, the mistress of General David Petraeus.

Even though John Allen was supposed to have resigned due to health reasons, James Rosen said his sources said the emails were extremely revealing of the relationship between Jill Kelley and John Allen, and were not the kind of emails that anyone would want their wife to see. Bill O’Reilly said it was fair for John Allen to resign to protect his wife and children.


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