O’Reilly Factor: Sports Illustrated Racist & Dennis Miller Obama Golf


Dennis Miller: Barack Obama Tiger Woods Golf Game

O'Reilly Factor: Dennis Miller Obama Golf & Sports Illustrated Racist?

Dennis Miller stopped by The O’Reilly Factor February 20 2013 to talk about President Barack Obama and Tiger Woods’ golf game and the controversy surrounding the new Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)

Dennis Miller joined Bill O’Reilly February 20 2013 to talk about the latest news. First up was President Barack Obama’s recent golf game with Tiger Woods. Dennis Miller said it was nice to see Obama blame an actual bush for once. He said the only problem he has with this is what Obama does when he’s done golfing.


Bill O’Reilly said that if people get upset with the president every time he hangs out with someone with personal problems, he’s going to have a real heck of a time having friends. Dennis Miller said if that was the case, the president should just seal himself in carbonite.

The O’Reilly Factor: Dennis Miller Russian Meteorite

Dennis Meteorite said that the Russian meteorite left such a big crater in Russia, people thought it was their economy. Bill O’Reilly said that if it had hit over L.A., people would finally have to leave their cars.

The O’Reilly Factor: Dennis Miller Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Racist?


Bill O’Reilly said that some people are calling the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue racist. He said that some people are calling it racially insensitive, because of its depictions of swimsuit-clad women alongside people around the world in their traditional clothing.

Dennis Miller said this is a reach. He said he couldn’t see anyone else in the pictures but the women. He also said we live in the whiniest times in history. He said that if people can’t look at this and appreciate the beauty of women, he doesn’t understand his country. Bill O’Reilly said he agreed that the media creates any excuse to generate controversy.

“You’re a racist for saying it. I’m a racist for hearing it. Everybody at the magazine’s a racist. People who read the magazine are racist. People who notice the magazine is racist are racist. I don’t know what to say anymore,” Dennis Miller said.


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