O’Reilly Factor: Is The US Barbaric? Liberal Supreme Court Appointees


The O’Reilly Factor: Is The US Barbaric?

Bill O’Reilly asked why so many Americans are okay with their nation becoming a “nanny state that doesn’t much care about children.” To answer the question and to debate it, he invited guests Kirsten Powers, a Fox News Political Analyst and Democrat, and Kate Obenshain, a Republican strategist.

O'Reilly Factor: Is The US Barbaric? Liberal Supreme Court Appointees

Bill O’Reilly worried the nation was becoming a “nanny state that doesn’t much care about children” on his show February 20 2013.


Bill O’Reilly asked Kirsten Powers if he was over the top by calling the nation barbaric. He called the nation barbaric after discussing a New Jersey Supreme Court decision that a pregnant woman who did crack cocaine two days before giving birth her child was neither negligent nor abusive and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo‘s proposed changes to abortion law in his state to allow late-term abortions. Kirsten Powers agreed that those things are barbaric.

Bill O’Reilly: Liberal Supreme Court Appointees

“We are supposed to be a country that protects the most vulnerable among us, and what’s more vulnerable than a baby?” Kirsten Powers said.

Bill O’Reilly wondered how we should view these people, like Governor Andrew Cuomo and the Supreme Court judges, many of whom were appointed by liberal legislatures. He said that these ideas are coming from the left, not the right. Kirsten Powers said she worked for Andrew Cuomo and has a lot of respect for him, but she can’t get behind these new proposals.


The O’Reilly Factor: “Babies Get In The Way”

Kate Obenshain, a Republican strategist, said that Andrew Cuomo had a complete disregard for the life of the unborn baby. She said that in modern society, we wonder what we can get from government and what we can get for free. She said that the feminist movement was built on the idea that children are impediments and that babies get in our way.

She said that we no longer take responsibility for our own lives. She called it a “reckless disregard for our fellow man.” She mentioned the people who defended Chris Dorner as an example of twisted priorities in America, but Bill O’Reilly pointed out that those people were fringe and that they don’t represent America.

Kirsten Powers said that she blamed the media for Andrew Cuomo’s popularity rating staying at 59 percent. She said that nowhere in the media is late-term abortion defined.


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