The Drs: Hot In Cleveland Cast Games To Celebrate Betty White Birthday


The Doctors: Hot In Cleveland Cast

To continue Betty White’s birthday celebration on The Doctors, the Hot In Cleveland cast came by, including Valerie Bertinelli, Frasier’s Jane Leeves and Just Shoot Me’s Wendie Malick.

Dr. Stork asked them if they felt right at home with the new furniture on the set. They all commented on how great it was. Dr. Lisa Masterson said she was a huge fan of Hot In Cleveland. 


The Drs: Hot In Cleveland Cast Games To Celebrate Betty White Birthday

Valerie Bertinelli and the rest of the cast of Hot In Cleveland came by The Doctors to help them celebrate Betty White’s birthday. (Joe Seer /

Dr. Stork said that the one thing that can’t be faked is chemistry. Dr. Andrew Ordon joked that even though the hosts of The Doctors were not trained as actors, they were getting better at pretending to like each other. Dr. Jim Sears reached out to him and Dr. Ordon said, “Don’t touch me!”

The Drs: Expression Recognition Game

There’s a new study making headlines that says that men are incapable of reading facial expressions. The study says that men can’t get a sense of what women are thinking by what they display on their face. So the mostly male hosts played a game with the all-female guests. The ladies of Hot In Cleveland would hold up a picture of a woman with a certain emotion on her face and the guys had to guess what it was.


The expressions the ladies held up included one of a woman who was clearly giving what Betty White called a “hi, sailor” look and another which Dr. Stork said looked like the woman had just had dissatisfying intimate relations.

The Doctors: Prescriptionary Game

The Doctors played a game with the Hot In Cleveland cast called Prescriptionary, which Betty White said was such a good name, she could see it on billboards all over town. The game was basically Pictionary, only instead of certain phrases, contestants had to draw medical conditions. Each medical condition was pulled out of a prescription medicine bottle. The teams were Betty White, Wendie Malick and Dr. Jim Sears on the one side and Valerie Berinelli, Jane Leeves and Dr. Andrew Ordon on the other. Dr. Sears got “motion sickness” and tried to draw it the best he could, with a green-faced stick figure in a car and then a stick figure on a boat. Betty White and Wendie Malick didn’t get it, however.

Then, Dr. Ordon drew smelly feet by drawing a foot with stink lines from it. Jane Leeves guessed it within seconds of the clock. Then, it was back to Dr. Sears’ team, with Wendie Malick trying to draw gas. She drew what was clearly a buttocks with stink lines coming off of it. Dr. Sears guessed it and then high-fived Wendie Malick, with Betty White looking a bit disgusted at Wendie Malick’s drawing.

Next, it was Valerie Bertinelli’s team. She drew “ear ache” and got as far as drawing an ear before Jane Leeves guessed it. Jane Leeves guessed both of her teammates’ drawings within seconds of them starting. Her team won, but if there was a Most Valued Player for Prescriptionary, Jane Leeves definitely would’ve gotten it. Meanwhile, Betty White admitted to Wendie Malick that she didn’t really care about winning.


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