The Drs: Betty White Loves Hot Dogs & Hot In Cleveland Cast Secrets


The Doctors: Hot In Cleveland Cast Confidential

Because the cast of Hot In Cleveland is so close, Dr. Travis Stork said he wanted to find out all their family secrets on The Doctors. They played a game called “Hot In Cleveland Confidential,” where each of the four ladies from Hot In Cleveland, Betty White, Wendie Malick, Jane Leeves and Valerie Bertinelli, had paddles with each of their faces on them. For each question Dr. Stork asked, they held up the picture of the cast member it applied to.

Questions were things like, “Which cast member is known for making some sassy jokes on set?” Everyone held up Jane Leeves’ picture, except for Jane Leeves herself, who held up a picture of Betty White. Dr. Stork asked Jane Leeves to tell one of her jokes, but everyone agreed the jokes were too raunchy to say on television. Valerie Bertinelli explained that before every taping of the show, the four ladies have a huddle and tell dirty jokes.


The Drs: Betty White Loves Hot Dogs & Hot In Cleveland Cast Secrets

Although Dr. Stork said that Betty White’s food choice of hot dogs and French fries isn’t healthy, he did admit that Betty White had to be healthy to be 91-years-old.

The next question was, who can stand on her head while wearing a cocktail dress and high heels? Jane Leeves confidently held up the paddle for Betty White. Valerie Bertinelli and Wendie Malick both held up the paddle for Jane Leeves. Betty White held up Valerie Bertinelli, who exclaimed, “I can’t do that!” It turned out it was Wendie Malick, who once did it at a Penn & Teller Las Vegas show.

The last question was, who is most likely to eat hot dogs and French fries? It turned out to be Betty White. Valerie Bertinelli said that when she’s 91, she’ll be eating hot dogs and French fries, too.


The Drs: Hot In Cleveland Cast Food Choices

Then, the ladies from Hot In Cleveland showed off their healthy food choices. First up was Wendie Malick, who said when she is working and she needs a pick-me-up that won’t be too heavy, she has wild caught salmon with a salad with beets and spinach. Dr. Andrew Ordon said that this was a great meal, because the salmon has omega 3s and the beets are really good for you.

Jane Leeves chose sushi, which everyone agreed was a good choice, as long as she didn’t eat it every day because of the danger of mercury poisoning.

Betty White, of course, chose French fries and a hot dog. Although this isn’t healthy, Betty White didn’t seem to care. The meal also had Twizzlers on the side, which Betty ate while they talked. Dr. Stork said that while the meal isn’t healthy, obviously Betty White knew a lot of things about health the rest of us don’t, since she is 91-years-old.

Valerie Bertinelli chose pasta with fresh clams, a recipe from her cookbook One Dish At a Time.


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