The Drs TV: Modified Push Ups for Sagging Arms with Ashley Borden


The Drs TV: Sagging Arms Exercises

The Drs TV: Modified Push Ups for Sagging Arms with Ashley Borden

Fitness expert Ashley Borden shared modified push ups for sagging arms and more toning exercises that can tighten and firm your body on The Doctors TV show.

Are you tired of your sagging arms? Ashley Borden, a lifestyle and fitness expert, shared her solutions for sagging arms. If you want to strengthen your arms for everyday activities, there are some easy moves you can do.


Everyday activities can help you sculpt your body, and Ashley Borden stressed the importance of strength training on The Doctors. She also recommended fascia release to firm and tighten the body.

Ashley worked with viewer Elizabeth, who recently lost 80 pounds and said she wanted to be able to reach for items on the closet shelf or put her luggage in the overhead bin on an airplane. Those are practical, attainable goals, and all that weight loss suggests that Elizabeth is motivated to improve her health overall. She definitely had great form in these strength exercises with Ashley Borden.

The Doctors: Arm Strength Training


Use an exercise roller to prop your head on the heel of the hand, with your knees bent. Rock back and forth and feel the lat muscles engaging. Then move the roller farther down the torso. These types of exercises will increase mobility, so make sure to do both sides.

Use an appropriate free weight and start from a kneeling position with your toes curled beneath you. Hold the weights at your shoulders and push overhead. Choose a challenging weight, but make sure to pay attention to form.

The Drs TV: Modified Push Ups for Sagging Arms

As for push ups, Ashley Borden said you can work up to full form, starting out at a position that feels doable. Maybe start from the plant position. Work up to doing a push up from your knees.

Strength training builds on itself over time, and Dr Travis Stork said these types of exercises are easy to do for free around the house, and they can improve your everyday mobility as well.


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