The Drs: Seaweed Bread, Green Coffee Beans & Pantyhose Resistance Bands


The Doctors: 13 Get Thin Secrets

Summer provides lots of opportunities for outdoor activities, and when it comes to the beach or water-based activities, that often means showing off your body. That’s a big motivator for people who want to lose weight or get in shape, as several viewers of The Doctors alluded to when discussing how much weight they would like to lose. To help the audience get back on track with weight loss, The Doctors shared some creative tips, such as Seaweed Bread, Pantyhose Resistance Bands, and Green Coffee Beans.

The Doctors stage held a pyramid of 13 boxes, each bearing a creative weight loss secret that would be revealed throughout the hour. To kick things off, Dr Travis Stork invited Courtney, a woman from the audience, to help him open the first box.


The Drs: Seaweed Bread Weight Loss

The Doctors: Pantyhose Resistance Bands

Many women have pantyhose on hand, but did you know you can use them as a weight loss tool? The Doctors explained.

Inside were two sandwiches, and Courtney had to try a bite of each to decide which tasted better. She noticed that the bread in the sandwiches was different. In fact, the bread of the second sandwich contained seaweed.

A recent study found that replacing the salt in bread with Seaweed got subjects to each 179 fewer calories in the rest of the day. Courtney said the taste wasn’t noticeable, and she said that she’d definitely give that idea a try.


The Doctors: Green Coffee Beans

The contents of the next box “looked like kitty litter,” according to Dr Jim Sears. But Dr Travis said they’re green coffee beans, which are unroasted. Eating Green Coffee Bean Extract has been shown to help people lose weight.

“There is a compound in unroasted coffee beans that does help boost the metabolism, similar to green tea,” Dr Andrew Ordon said, adding that tea and coffee can suppress your appetite between meals.

The Drs: Pantyhose Resistance Bands

Dr Lisa Masterson pulled out several colorful neon pairs of pantyhose, and Dr Travis couldn’t wait to model his lime green pair, because he likes to show off his body for the ladies and then pretend to be bashful about it.

As for a weight loss tip, Dr Lisa explained that you can use Pantyhose as Resistance Bands so you can exercise while on vacation. You can pull, bend, and stretch them as you would with a workout resistance band, at a fraction of the price.

“You build up muscle, it’s going to help you lose weight,” Dr Lisa added. Dr Jim put the pantyhose on his head, because he is childlike.

These are just a few weight loss tips you can try as a fresh weight loss approach. What do you think of these secrets so far? Will you be trying any of them to spice up your routine?


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